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Daily Brain Teaser

Berry Berry Good!

*** *

In each sentence below, the name of a fruit is hidden. Each of these fruits end with the word 'berry'. You won't find the word 'berry' itself hidden there of course, but try to find the missing part of each fruit to give it its full name.

1. He looked blue in the face from too much exposure to the freezing cold outside.
2. Boys, enter at your own risk!
3. We have a beautiful farm out in the countryside and we own a few goats, duck and one goose.
4. She got cranky when people pointed out her mistake.
5. The children are scared of his raspy voice, and stay well away from his house.
6. After a hard day's work at the farm, the horse gratefully collapsed on the straw heap.
7. Too late! The cake had turned into a black charred mass because everyone forgot about it!




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