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Camping Trip Fun

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Puzzle ID:#22887
Fun:*** (2.99)
Difficulty:** (1.41)
Submitted By:kellgo*us****
Corrected By:boodler




Friends Phoebe and Zoe (both girls) are going on a camping trip with their guy friends Collin, Calvin, and Markus. Each person brought his or her own sleeping bag from home, each a different color (blue, red, orange, green, and yellow). When they arrive at their camping site they decide who is going to do what chore: one person is needed to start the fire; two people are needed to pitch the tents; and two people are needed to prepare the meal. After it gets dark the five friends try to out scare each other with frighteningly scary ghost stories. Each person told one story about either a vampire bat, Bigfoot, a monster, a ghost, or Captain Hook. Your job as an observer to their camping trip is to figure out which person brought which sleeping bag did what chore and told which story. Good luck and bring your own toilet paper!

The girls rode in their own car while the boys drove the truck with all the camping supplies in the back. The boys drove a lot faster than the girls and by the time the girls got to the campsite the tents were already up. Collin was frantically searching for the matches to light the fire but couldn't find any.
"Leave it to the boys to forget the matches," Phoebe whispered to Zoe, as Phoebe grabbed the lighter out of her pocket and quickly got it started.
Markus told the girls that he had put their red and yellow sleeping bags into their tent.
Collin's stomach started growling and so he yelled out "What are we going to eat?? I'm starving!"
Calvin replied, "I've got it all under control. We're having burgers that are already on the grill."
After dinner the five sat around the campfire and listened to each other tell stories. Phoebe got so scared at Markus' Captain Hook story that she hid her head under Collin's blue sleeping bag. Phoebe didn't believe her story to be just a legend she truly believed in Bigfoot and told her story with great pride. One of the guys with the orange sleeping bag loved scaring everyone with his tale of a monster that roamed the woods and preyed on unsuspecting campers. One of the meal makers told her horrible story of vampire bats while the fire starter fell asleep in their yellow sleeping bag. The owner of the green bag was so tired after having worked so hard at putting up the tents that he feel asleep as well, right in the middle of Collin's ghost story. Despite all the scary stories the five campers all fell soundly asleep from all their hard work and fun of the day.

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