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Tae Kwon Do Tournament

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Puzzle ID:#23679
Fun:*** (2.97)
Difficulty:** (1.12)
Submitted By:aymlss*us***
Corrected By:i_am_hated




Four Tae Kwon Do students, each with a different belt rank and a different instructor, won medals in four different events at a recent tournament. Using the clues below, can you figure out the correct instructor, belt rank and event for each student?

Students: John, David, Janet, Katie
Instructors: Master Smith, Mr. Brown, Ms. Campbell, Mr. Long
Student ranks: Black belt, blue belt, yellow belt, white belt
Events: Patterns, Sparring, Breaking, Hosin-Sul

1. David's instructor is not female.
2. Neither John nor Katie is a black belt.
3. The white belt won her Breaking division.
4. Mr. Brown's student is a black belt.
5. The Master instructor teaches the blue belt.
6. Ms. Campbell's student won Sparring.
7. Janet has never competed in Hosin-Sul.
8. Either David or John won the Sparring division.
9. The yellow belt's name begins with J.
10. Janet is a student of Mr. Brown.

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