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The War of the Worlds - Part III

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Puzzle ID:#26888
Fun:*** (2.97)
Difficulty:*** (2.72)
Submitted By:smarty_blondy*ro****
Corrected By:scallio




Alas, the War of the Worlds had begun! Although Lord Zyron, feared master of The Underworld, had no remorse regarding his pick, King Solimyr was not as confident. He knew his two army leaders would not stand a chance against the dreadful three monsters, and decided something needed to be done, to even the odds.

An old legend said that far, far away spread the Realm of God Baal. Millions of years ago, an earthquake shook the world, causing volcanoes to erupt. Hot, burning rivers of lava now divided the realm into 5 islands, each ruled by one of Baal's most faithful servants. Each island was well guarded by magical, mythical creatures, protecting 5 powerful witches from unwanted visitors. These were the possessors of 5 precious, enchanted stones that King Solimyr desperately wanted to put his hands on.

Once his, King Solimyr would crash the 5 stones, and include the magical dust into melted iron. His best craftsmen would then make him two swords, of which powers the world had never seen before! To confirm the legend, griffins were sent on a quest in the far, far away realm. Can you find out more, by the bits of information the griffins returned with? Good luck!

Islands' names: Necropolis, Rampart, Stronghold, Inferno, Conflux
Rulers' names: Malekith, Dace, Krephlian, Rashka, Ufretin;
Witches' names: Rissa, Ash, Sephinroth, Jenova, Shaki;
Precious stones: Ruby, Diamond, Topaz, Sapphire, Emerald;
Guardians: Medusa, Minotaur, Dragon, Manticore, Harpy;

1. Rissa, a beautiful witch who lives in Conflux, received the diamond from her godmother. Although she was just a baby at the time, she never let go of the diamond as she believes it brings good fortune.

2. Ash lives in the kingdom of one of the most avoided rulers, as if his name's last two letters are removed, it transforms into the result of an ill-considered haste or boldness.

3. While Jenova holds the topaz, the possessor of the emerald is well guarded by a minotaur.

4. The harpy is known as an evil being, with the head of a woman and the body of a bird. Baal could not let such a hideous creature show its face in any other place than Inferno, where it was cursed to guard the ruby with the price of its life.

5. Necropolis is ruled by the most feared of rulers, Malekith. His manticore is not guarding the sapphire.

6. The medusa does not guard Jenova or Shaki, but the witch living in the kingdom ruled by the one whose name, if its first letter is changed with another, transforms into a word in the English language. Metaphorically, it can be defined as "the cage of the soul".

7. Two of the rulers are so selfish, they insisted that the precious stones sharing their name's initials would be guarded on their islands.

8. One of the rulers' names has as many letters as the island he is ruling, where Sephinroth's home can be found, but not as many as the stone his guardian protects.

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