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Ice Cream Catastrophe

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Puzzle ID:#27037
Fun:*** (2.97)
Difficulty:* (1.02)
Submitted By:scm14Aus*****




Six years ago, the Wilson family became the talk of their tiny town when Mrs. Wilson gave birth to identical quintuplet girls. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson loved their daughters very much, but discovered very quickly that they couldn't tell them apart. Even as they grew older, Mrs. Wilson had to dress the girls in different colored shirts to differentiate between them.

One day, Mrs. Wilson took Suzie, Sally, Samantha, Sara and Christina to the mall. The girls were very excited because they were always allowed to stop for ice cream at the Fantastic Flavors Ice Cream Parlor. Each girl always ordered their favorite flavor ice cream, and no two girls had the same favorite. Unfortunately, after they all had their ice cream, the five girls got separated from Mrs. Wilson. In her panic, Mrs. Wilson forgot which color shirt each girl was wearing, and therefore couldn't identify them when the security guards found them. Can you help her?

1. The five girls were Sally, the girl wearing green, the girl wearing white, the girl who ordered Coffee Ice Cream and Sara.

2. Christina ordered a flavor of Ice Cream that started with the same letter as her name.

3. Samantha, Sara and Sally were wearing shirts that reminded them of their favorite parts of summer: the color of sunshine, the color of grass and the color of the sky on a clear day.

4. Mrs. Wilson was upset when the girl eating chocolate ice cream dropped some on her white shirt, and reminded herself to stop at the grocery store and buy some bleach on the way home.

5. Sara could never decide if she liked Strawberry, Chocolate or Vanilla Ice Cream the best, so she always ordered the flavor that had all three.

6. The girl who loved Mint Ice Cream wore a green shirt. She later made the observation that they were the same color.

7. Christina was not wearing a white shirt or a blue shirt.

8. Sara was not wearing a blue shirt.

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