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World Domination IV

Logic Grid puzzles come with a handy interactive grid that will help you solve the puzzle based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#27054
Fun:*** (2.86)
Difficulty:*** (2.6)
Submitted By:sweetime*****
Corrected By:boodler




Mad scientist Sassi the Sane was holed up in her latest hideout.
Unfortunately, due to a series of bungling attempts on the part of her assistants (of course), they were forced to remain where they were for the time being. No one could enter or exit the secret hideout.

In order to keep themselves entertained, one of Sassi's minions, Fred, suggested that they play a game.

This game consisted of Fred deciding on a theme for a picnic, and by guessing items, each person had to try to ascertain what the theme of the picnic was.

Unfortunately, Fred was wasting all his deviousness on this picnic, rather than in helping Sassi to take over the world, and as a result, no one was able to guess the picnic.

Each person guessed a different amount of items which could be brought, and each of them had managed to determine one item that they could bring.
In sheer frustration, each person had also suggested a unique way in which Fred could be disposed of, thus ending the nastiness of the picnic, and each had their own suggestion for a new picnic.

The five number of guesses were: twelve items, ten items, six items, three items, four items.

The correct guesses were: goat, diamond, cake, fire, streamers.

The ways of exacting vengeance on Fred were: hitting him with a piece of wood, forcing him to sit through someone's aria, stealing his teddy bear, a mutiny and a makeover.

The five people were: Spambringer, Kayyou, Warbucks, Aquatic, and Woodlady.

The five suggested new picnics were: things in 60's comedy shows, things in fast food restaurants, words which contain the letters A and O, words which contain silent letters, and things associated with flowers.

Using the following clues, can you determine who guessed which amount of items, the one item they identified correctly, their method of torture for Fred, and their new suggested theme?

1. The five people were: Spambringer, the person who suggested stealing the teddybear, the person who had flowers as their theme, the person who had 6 guesses, and the person who guessed the goat.
2. The person who guessed the streamers did not suggest mutiny, nor did the person who suggested mutiny use silent letters as a theme.
3. The person who guessed the goat had a number of guesses divisible by three.
4. Kayyou did not suggest hitting Fred with a piece of wood, but she did guess an even number of guesses.
5. Neither Woodlady nor Aquatic suggested the cake.
6. The person who guessed the streamers correctly was also the person who threatened to sing.
5. The number of guesses made by Aquatic was divisible by both two and three.
6. Warbucks made neither the most guesses, nor the least.
7. Spambringer did not have a theme which contained the letters A and O, nor did he suggest the makeover.
8. The person stealing the teddybear did not suggest a silent letters theme, but they did make the largest number of guesses.
9. The person who suggested the fast food theme did not correctly guess a cake, nor did they guess the fire.
10. The person who guessed the diamond made more guesses than the person who guessed the goat.
11. Kayyou did not guess the diamond, nor did she threaten to sing.
12. The person who wanted a theme with flowers correctly guessed the diamond.
13. The person who guessed streamers made a number of guesses which was not divisible by 3.
14. The person who suggested mutiny made neither the most, nor the least amount of guesses.
15. The person who guessed the goat suggested hitting Fred with a piece of wood, and they also wanted a picnic which was language based.
16. Kayyou thought that since she'd made the most guesses, she should be able to make the next picnic.
17. The person who wanted the fast food picnic did not have a number of guesses divisible by three.
18. The person who suggested the makeover made four guesses.
19. The person who guessed fire did not suggest a makeover, nor stealing Fred's teddy bear.
20. The person who wanted a picnic with words with the letters A and O in them wanted to mutiny.

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