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Essential Essences and Elements

Logic Grid puzzles come with a handy interactive grid that will help you solve the puzzle based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#27304
Fun:*** (2.91)
Difficulty:*** (2.92)
Submitted By:Splatt*cc****




Sari the Apothecary decided to branch out and also offer essential oils and flower essences to her clients, in addition to her normal products. She would address the elements they were lacking, associated with general life issues they had with her new product line. After taking a course, she promptly forgot which essence, element and essential oil went with which symptom/need. She did have this list of clues. Help her figure it out before she loses all her clientele!

Essential Oils: Geranium, Lavender, Sandalwood, Lime, Eucalyptus
Flower Essences: Sweet Chestnut, Cerato, Crab Apple, Cherry Plum, Pine
Elements: Fire, Air, Earth, Water, Air
EO Properties: clears Nasal passages and stimulates skin to release toxins; assists Emotional release process; grounding into Power and Truth; release Density; augments ability to release Grudges
FE Properties: master Forgiveness of self and others; transcend Ego/negative ego; transcend Shame; transcend inner/outer Judgment; release Pain

1. If Sandalwood goes with Crab Apple, then Grudges goes with Fire. Otherwise Shame goes with Emotions and Cerato goes with Air.

2. Sweet chestnut is associated with 2 of these 3: releasing Pain, Eucalyptus, Fire.

3. Either Judgment goes with Earth, or Cerato goes with Emotions.

4. Essences are: the one with Lime, Cherry plum, Fire, Power/Truth, and Pain.

5. Each in the first group goes with a different one of the second group. One of the 4 won't be included with the first 3: (Ego, Judgment, Grudges) (Water, Forgiveness, Lavender, Eucalyptus)

6. Forgiveness must be fueled by fire. Water always goes with Emotions, but not with Ego. Sniff Eucalyptus frequently when you have a stuffy nose.

7. Of the five, there are Power/Truth, Pain, Fire, Cerato and Lavender.

8. Earthy Sandalwood helps you feel grounded and its essence counterpart helps with Shame.

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