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The Local Bar

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Puzzle ID:#28947
Fun:*** (3.05)
Difficulty:*** (2.33)
Submitted By:HogwartsGirl05*us****




You are the owner of "The Local Bar", a failed tavern turned bookstore and coffee shop. You have been working nonstop for three years to get your business off the ground. Your hard work has paid off.

Your business is one of the most popular in town. Your employees have become dear friends and have earned your trust and your confidence in their abilities. You decided to go on a vacation and look into new suppliers. You left your five employees with jobs to do to keep the shop running.

Upon returning, you find that your employees have gone above and beyond what you have asked of them. You decide to get them each a first edition copy of their favorite book, wrapped in their favorite color. You will include a note telling them how well they did their job and how grateful you are for all their hard work. The problem, however, is that you forgot to write down who likes and did what and you seem to have forgotten during your time away. You do remember enough facts to figure it out.

Employees : Josh, Joie, Luke, Nell, and Shawn

Favorite Authors : Wilson Rawls, Anne Rice, Andrew Greeley, Robert Hellenga, and Bradford Morrow

Favorite Books : Where the Red Fern Grows, Blood and Gold, Irish Whiskey, The Fall of the Sparrow, and Giovanni's Gift

Jobs : Deliveries, Inventory/Paperwork, Cashier, Food and Drinks, and Helping Customers find the book they are looking for.

Favorite Colors : Green, Blue, Red, Gold, and Black.

Here are the facts you remember:

1. Your five employees are: Shawn (who does not like Andrew Greeley); the person who likes red; the girl who likes "Giovanni's Gift"; the boy who likes Anne Rice; and Nell.

2. The colors in the book titles do not match the color they were wrapped in; the titles and wrapping paper do not share the same starting letter; and the author's last names do not share the same starting letter as what they were wrapped in.

3. Each person was given a job that suited them: Josh is always on time; Joie is an organized soul and loves to keep records; Nell is a people person and loves to help; Shawn enjoys feeding the hungry masses; and Luke enjoys working with money (that's why his favorite color is green).

4. Wilson Rawls is perhaps best known for his book "Giovanni's Gift". Anne Rice's novel, "Irish Whiskey", is part of a series that was an immediate success and has remained popular over the years.

5. Shawn's favorite color reminds you of freshly brewed espresso.

6. On her last birthday, Nell got the opportunity to meet her favorite author, Mr. Robert Hellenga, and discuss his book "Where the Red Fern Grows".

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