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Battles For the Gods

Logic Grid puzzles come with a handy interactive grid that will help you solve the puzzle based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#29529
Fun:*** (3)
Difficulty:*** (2.43)
Submitted By:medster99*
Corrected By:medster99




There was once a massive evil being, so grand that it took gods from all over the world to just defeat his minions. Each minion needed to be fought with a special weapon in a special place or they would never die. Also, since gods are busy people, they could choose the date of the fight. The gods decided who would use what weapon, when, and where, based on if they could use the weapon well, if they liked the battleground or not, and if they were free that day. If they liked the battleground, then they would fight there. There were five minions, five dates, five gods, five battlegrounds, and five weapons:

5 Gods: Thor, Zeus, Ra, Apophis and Loki
5 Minions: Fiery Fiend, Metal Eye, Anti-God, Giant Worm, and the Undead Cyclops
5 Weapons: Heavenly Spear, Diamond Dagger, Doomsword, Night Bow and Staff of Fury
5 Battlegrounds: Easter Island, Stonehenge, Camelot, Sherwood Forest and Avalon
5 Dates: March 17, December 25, February 14, January 1, and December 31

Can you find out which god fought which minion where, when and with what weapon?

1) Loki did not fight the Fiend, but did use the Bow.
2) Thor fought about 283 days before Zeus.
3) The one who fought the Cyclops is the one who fought on Dec. 31.
4) The one who fought the Fiend, who fought at Camelot on Jan. 1 didn't use the Dagger.
5) The Spear user fought on Easter Island on March 17.
6) The one who fought in Sherwood Forest fought on Dec. 31.
7) Ra fought with the Sword in Avalon.
8) The Fiend was fought by Apophis.
9) The Giant Worm was defeated at Stonehenge.
10) The Anti-God was defeated on March 17.

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