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Battles of the Gods II

Logic Grid puzzles come with a handy interactive grid that will help you solve the puzzle based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#30800
Fun:*** (3.01)
Difficulty:** (1.84)
Submitted By:medster99*




There was once a massive evil being, hundreds of feet tall, and so grand that it took Gods from all over the world to just defeat him, after defeating his minions. You can see how those battles went in "Battles For the Gods". Today they are prepared to attack the grand evil being face to face. The weak point would be attacked by whoever wanted to, and the weapon would be used by whoever could use it best. Each went one after the other, depending what needed to be taken out first. Also, each one had their own reasons for participating in the fight.

There were:

5 Gods: Thor, Zeus, Ra, Apophis and Loki
5 Weak Points: Center Eye, 2nd Nose, Right Ear, 3rd Mouth and Left Foot
5 Weapons: Plasma Pike, Water Whip, Fire Flag, Dirt Dagger, Air Axe
Order: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th
5 Reasons Why: Big reward if wins, it killed his sister, personal ambition, cocky, bored

Can you find out which God fought which minion where, when, how, why and with what weapon?

1) Loki did not fight the Right Ear, but did use the Dagger.
2) Ra fought two behind Thor.
3) The one who fought the Left Foot fought last.
4) The one who fought the Center Eye, who was there because he was cocky, didn't use the Water Whip.
5) The Pike user fought with the Second Nose first.
6) The last person to fight fought for a large reward.
7) Apophis fought with the Axe for personal ambition.
8) The Center Eye was fought by Ra.
9) The Right Ear was defeated by a bored person.
10) The Second Nose was attacked by someone to avenge the death of their sister.
11) Apophis fought the Mouth, and he went right after Ra.
12) Thor fought the second nose.

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