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Amnesia Blues

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Puzzle ID:#33558
Fun:*** (2.88)
Difficulty:** (1.99)
Submitted By:dishuAin*****!
Corrected By:calmsavior




5 married men once got a serious attack of amnesia, due to which they forgot their wives and started chasing 5 different girls, who were highly embarrassed with the situation.(Whether Amnesia was real or pretended is another teaser). Their wives consulted the local witch doctor who suggested 5 different treatments for each of the men to be administered at 5 different times. Unfortunately, the wives mixed up the details and now need your help to clear the mess and cure their husbands. All they can remember are the following clues. Can you help them cure their husbands?

Husbands: Alan, Boman, Derek, Fred, Richard
Wives: Tanaaz, Lily, Tanya, Isha, Shiela
Chased girls: Tara, Jane, Rose, Alice, Sita
Treatments: Spending 30 minutes in a stinking bathroom, A bath in a mud-pool, drinking 1 cup onion juice, Banging head against a wall, spending 15 minutes with head underwater
Time of administering treatment: 9 pm, 4 pm, 3 pm, 7 pm, 5 pm


1. The 5 wives are: Tanaaz, the one whose husband had to stay in a stinking bathroom for 30 minutes, The one whose husband started fancying Tara, the one who was to cure her husband first and Derek's wife.
2. The mud-pool bather was going to be the last to recover his memory.
3. Jane was being chased by Lily's husband
4. Boman's memory was to return by making him drink an unusual liquid instead of his usual 4 pm tea.
5. Lily's husband was to recover at 7 pm.
6. The one to recover last was married to Shiela.
7. Alan was to recover first.
8. Richard was not going to be the last to recover.
9. Tanya's husband was likely to develop a bump on his head after treatment.
10. In all probability, Derek may develop hydrophobia after his treatment.
11. Sita was to get relief from her chaser at 5 pm.
12. Alice would be the first to breathe a sigh of relief.
13. Derek is married to Isha.

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