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At the Dog Show

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Puzzle ID:#33986
Fun:*** (3.05)
Difficulty:** (1.89)
Submitted By:teen_wizAca*****!
Corrected By:teen_wiz




It was the day of the National Dog Show. All throughout the host city of Rufftown, barks, growls, ruffs, and yaps could be heard.

Although this was a huge event, the clumsy organizers were less than organized. Five minutes before the owners were to be admitted into the Great Hall, one of the desk clerks realized that they were missing five forms! All she could remember were the names, breeds, and shows, but she couldn't remember how they were organized. Can you solve the order of the form information, namely, the owners' first and last names, the dogs' names and breeds, and the competition they entered?

1. The five owners are Ruffles' breeder, the one who entered his/her dog in Agility, Mr. Church, Norah, and the Yorkie's owner.

2. Laurence, who does not own Princess Pepsi, entered his prized pup into Best of Breed. Jason did not show a Rough Collie.

3. Ms. Knight loved to dress up her dog in adorable costumes and looked forward to it every year; she excitedly entered her dog in the Best Dressed competition.

4. Kayla owned a Yorkie, whose name is not Moochums. Jason's last name is not Church.

5. The Golden Retriever ALWAYS ended up tripping over the hurdles, so its owner didn't enter it in Agility.

6. Lily the Yorkie looked simply adorable in her ballerina costume. The piano-playing Bulldog was entered in the Intelligence competition.

7. Neither Laurence or Sharie's last name is Baron, and Jason's last name isn't Fitzgibbon.

8. Norah Yeung taught Bubbles to play the piano over 3 years. Sharie's Poodle was very jealous.

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