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Kirana Visits Friends on Betelgeuse

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Puzzle ID:#34254
Fun:*** (2.91)
Difficulty:*** (2.66)
Submitted By:scallioAus******!
Corrected By:MarcM1098




When Kirana travels back to her home planet of Betelgeuse, she has many friends to visit and very little time so she plans a full itinerary. She visits 5 different friends who live in 5 different towns along a road 25 Gintars long (a unit of measure on Betelgeuse equal to roughly 1 mile). However, in her haste, she makes an embarrassing blunder at each home.

Can you determine Kirana's exact itinerary, how far each friend lives from the spaceport of Axim and which blunder was made at which stop? The distances are measured in whole Gintars (no fractions).

1. Kirana begins her trip in Axim and always travels East, never backtracking, until she reaches her final destination, the spaceport in Lisiter. The total distance between Axim and Lisiter is 25 Gintars.

2. At the home in Sarix, Kirana was asked to leave after knocking over an expensive Kimingle Vase.

3. The town of Claymot is twice as far from the Axim spaceport as the town where she stopped at her friend Martina's.

4. The incident where Kirana mistook the family's art display for a trash receptacle did not occur during her visit to Kylani's home. Who would have known it was a replica of a black hole?

5. Darvan, the third friend Kirana visited, lives 10 Gintars from Axim.

6. The house where Kirana got locked in the closet while snooping is twice as far from Axim as Nuju's house.

7. Claymot is closer in distance to Axim than it is to Lisiter.

8. The town of Worrik is twice as far from Axim as the town with the house where Kirana spilled Tango wine on the rug. The stains proved impossible to remove.

9. The town where Kirana visited Breena is nearer to the town of Riigi than to Jargon.

10. Traveling west-to-east, Kirana's first stop was at a friend's that lived 5 Gintars East of Axim and the last friend visited lived 5 Gintars West of Lisiter.

11. The house where Kirana got locked in the closet isn't the one in the town of Worrik.

12. The town where Darvan resides is situated 1 Gintar East of the town where Kirana walked in on her friend's mother taking a bath.

13. The town of Riigi is located 18 Gintars East of Axim, and Nuju does not live in Riigi.

Friends: Martina, Kylani, Breena, Darvan, and Nuju
Towns: Worrik, Sarix, Jargon, Claymot and Riigi
Blunders: Mistook art for garbage chute, walked in on mother bathing, spilled wine on carpet, broke vase, locked herself in closet

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