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Sweeps Mania

Logic Grid puzzles come with a handy interactive grid that will help you solve the puzzle based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#35847
Fun:*** (2.82)
Difficulty:*** (2.72)
Submitted By:goatroper605*us***




Mr. Slickdeals, from sEprize Inc, is a sweepstakes sponsor and he has noticed over the years that there's one particular group of 15 who are very diligent about entering his sweepstakes. So, he decides to hold a sweepstakes just for these 15 people, divided into groups of three, who will split various sums of money. This sweepstakes should be entered daily over the course of seven months. However, the prize won is not dependent upon the number of entries for each team. At the end of the seven months, Mr. Slickdeals, using his special computer program, has entered all of the information needed to determine the winners & will be making the announcement the following Monday. On that Monday morning, he turns on his computer & realizes that it has crashed sometime over the weekend & he never made a backup of the sweepstakes information! Can you determine, from his notes, who's on what team, how many entries they submitted, & who won which prize?

1. VoidinHi (VIH), who wasn't on a team with RMGM, didn't win $10,000. Happy2Win (H2W) wasn't on a team with Shamoo. St. Patty's (SP) team entered 391 times.

2. JavaFlower (JF) and her teammate, CrazeyPoet (CP), didn't win $5,000. The team who won $25,000 had two more entries than RedFuzzyCow's (RFC) team.

3. The team that RMGM & Shamoo were on didn't win $10,000. MK1234, who wasn't on the same team as WTrash (WT), didn't win $5,000.

4. The team that won $5,000 entered the contest 393 times. DealsRUs' (DRU) team entered 388 times, but they didn't win $2,500. DimDig (DD), who wasn't on a team with Happy2Win (H2W), submitted two more entries than the team that won $1,000.

5. The five teams, in no particular order, were Eilsenrenrag (EILS), WTrash (WT), the team that won $10,000, JavaFlower (JF), and the team that had 389 submissions.

6. FreebiesRGreat (FRG) had one more submission than the team that won $2,500 but one less than the team that WTrash (WT) & Implode (IMP) were on.

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