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SD Poker Tourney

Logic Grid puzzles come with a handy interactive grid that will help you solve the puzzle based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#36545
Fun:*** (2.99)
Difficulty:*** (2.62)
Submitted By:goatroper605*us***




Mr. Slickdeals is back ... He's decided to go into the poker tournament business to supplement his sweepstakes sponsoring income.
He's finding that this group of people are a little more demanding than any of his sweepstakes participants. So, he's had the players submit their food & drink orders prior to the beginning of the tourney. Being a shrewd (somewhat skewed) businessman, he's decided to charge the players at the final table for whatever they ate or drank. What a cheapskate!
So, Monday morning rolls around, the tourney's over and Mr. Slickdeals begins the process of sending out prizes & food/drink bills when he realizes that, yet again, his computer has crashed (Mr. Slickdeals needs a new computer!). From the notes he's taken, can you determine how much money each player started and ended with & what they had to eat and drink?

1. The beer-drinking Rambunctious didn't have a bologna sandwich. The person who had pastrami exactly doubled their money. Big John started with $250.

2. Vec is not the person who started with $350 and ended with $450. The lemonade drinker, not Iconian, didn't have a turkey sandwich.

3. Mavtech started with more money than the ham sandwich eater but he ended with $100 less than the tequila drinker.

4. The person eating a turkey sandwich ended the day with more money than the iced tea drinker but less than the person who had roast beef.

5. Vec didn't drink tequila. The vodka drinker didn't start with $400 but he ended with $150 more than he started with. The person who had a ham sandwich had $300 to start with, but it wasn't Vec.

6. The five players were Mavtech, the man who started with $500, the person who had a turkey sandwich, the man who ended with $600 and the iced tea drinker.

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