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College Days

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Puzzle ID:#38432
Fun:*** (2.98)
Difficulty:*** (2.63)
Submitted By:dreamlvr1432Aus******
Corrected By:khedron




Five college students met in line at the registrar's office, while waiting to drop a class from each of their schedules. They decided to have lunch together in the student union after they returned their books (for the classes they were dropping) to the bookstore. Over lunch, the students discussed their majors, the classes they were dropping, and general topics of college life. Can you determine which class each student dropped, the day it was scheduled, the number of books each needed to return, and each of the student's majors?

Students: Adam, Kristen, Dawn, Karen, Chris
Majors: criminal science, education, business, psychology, journalism
Dropped classes: chemistry, biology, economics, trigonometry, philosophy
Days scheduled: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
# of books: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4

1) The economics class was either on Tuesday or Friday, and required either 3 or 4 books.

2) Kristen is fascinated with the logic of science and criminology. She finds that there are too many "what ifs" and unknowns in philosophy for her taste. Therefore, she dropped this class.

3) Dawn's schedule was way too busy on Fridays, so she dropped a class that day to make time to go out with her friends.

4) The criminal science major never bought the books required for her dropped class, so she skipped the bookstore and went straight to the student union.

5) The boy who dropped his Wednesday class did not major in education, nor did he return 3 books.

6) The 5 students are: Adam, the one who dropped her Tuesday class, the one who dropped the economics class, the one who returned 2 books, and the journalism major.

7) The trigonometry class was scheduled before the class that the psychology major dropped, but after the one requiring 4 books (which was scheduled after Karen's dropped class).

8) Chris did not see the need for knowledge of trigonometry in his chosen area of study. He wants to become a journalist.

9) The business major was eager to return his books, as they were weighing down his backpack. They were a study guide, a lab book, and 2 text books that were required for his chemistry class.

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