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Zoo Animal Olympics

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Puzzle ID:#42762
Fun:*** (2.9)
Difficulty:*** (2.73)
Submitted By:joseph_r03Aus**!!!!




The zebra, monkey, giraffe, elephant, and lion were all competing in the Zoo Animal Olympics. Each competed in a different event: basketball, wrestling, 110 meter hurdles, long jump, and weightlifting. Each animal wore a different color jersey: red, green, blue, orange, and yellow. All of the animals finished in the top 5 of their respective event, but none of them finished in the same place. Also note that these animals have strengths besides being good athletes. There is a mathematician, a trivia buff, a cryptographer, a scientist, and one animal that has a great ability to recognize groups with common attributes. Can you determine which animal goes with the associated Olympic event, jersey color, finishing place, and secondary skill?

1) The animal in the blue jersey finished in a better place than the animal in the yellow jersey.

2) The lion is a trivia buff.

3) The animal that competed in the 110 meter hurdles finished in a better place than the animal that competed in wrestling.

4) The cryptographer left the following message: "J BN B NPOLFZ."

5) The zebra, elephant, and lion each have a primary colored jersey.

6) Here is another message from one of the animals: "I have something in common with the following animals: skunk, tiger, clown fish, bumblebee, and coral snake."

7) The zebra finished in a better place than the lion, but a worse place than the elephant.

8) The zebra and lion's jersey colors, when mixed, make the color of the jersey the monkey wears.

9) The animal that came in 4th place was playing basketball.

10) The scientist had the following message: "There is an alkaline earth metal whose atomic number is the same as my finishing place."

11) The animal participating in the long jump finished in a lower place than the giraffe.

12) The giraffe did not wear the green jersey.

13) The trivia buff had the following message: Thomas Jefferson was the same number U.S. President as my finishing place.

14) The mathematician's Olympic event has the same number of letters as the result of this equation: (5+2)*3-8 = ?

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