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Alien Nerds In Disguise!

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Puzzle ID:#46357
Fun:*** (2.84)
Difficulty:** (1.76)
Submitted By:canse912A*****!




There are five aliens in disguise at a Star Wars convention. With their masks on they look like all other Star Wars slightly-geeky fans, but underneath the masks they look very different. Four of them even have to pretend that their extra heads are part of their costumes. Identify each alien's name, age, number of heads, colour of eyes and the oddity each alien possesses.

Names: Gozz, Fleeb, Walla, Payle, Quarr
Ages: 21, 22, 23, 25, 28
No. Heads: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Colour eyes: Blue, Brown, Red, Black, White
Oddities: Three eyes, Fangs, One Leg, Seven Fingers, No Arms

1. Walla is the eldest. The alien with seven fingers on each hand doesn't have black eyes.

2. The youngest alien also has the most heads, and Gozz doesn't have a primary eye colour.

3. Fleeb is six years younger than the alien with no arms.

4. The aliens are having a hard time disguising the fact that Gozz and Quarr have more heads than humans, even though neither of them has the most heads of the five.

5. Payle's oddity is that he has trouble keeping up with the aliens due to the fact that he has only one leg.

6. Either Gozz or Fleeb is able to scare off the curious, human Star Wars fans with their massive fangs.

7. Fleeb and Quarr are the aliens that have normal, human eye colours, and they both have a prime number of heads. Payle is two years younger than Quarr, and Quarr is two years younger than Gozz.

8. The third eldest alien has seven fingers. The fourth youngest has fangs.

9. Fleeb has 2 heads.

10. The aliens are sending Walla out to get the drinks. Walla asks for black coffee, the same colour as his eyes.

11. The 23-year-old orders Coca-Cola, which isn't the colour of his eyes.

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