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Surviving the South Pacific

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Puzzle ID:#47257
Fun:*** (2.8)
Difficulty:*** (2.51)
Submitted By:whsprecus**!!!!
Corrected By:dalfamnest




Ten friends went on a boating expedition in the South Pacific. During a storm the boat capsized sending all of them into the ocean. Fortunately, they were all wearing life jackets and each person was tied to a buddy for protection. Each pair landed on a different deserted island, which only had one food source, and was able to survive by eating that food. Eventually each pair was rescued, but in different weeks after the accident. From the clues below determine the name of each pair, what they ate to survive, and how long it took to be rescued.

1) Deon and Clay named their island One Tree Island and unfortunately for them, the name was appropriate.
2) Thanks to a shallow lagoon, fish was the daily meal for Simon, who was on the island a week longer than the ones who ate coconuts.
3) Nick's stay was longer than Quincy's, but not as long as the pair that ate seagulls.
4) Rickey was on his island for six weeks.
5) Keith said that he would never eat crabs again after he got off the island, which he was on longer than Forrest was on his.
6) Hunter was found two weeks after the pair who survived on snakes.

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