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The Building Inquiry

Mystery teasers are little stories where you need to figure out what happened based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#51024
Fun:*** (2.44)
Difficulty:* (0.99)
Submitted By:Viprvenomc***




Detective Viprvenom, the famous detective of Brimton city, was just spending his vacation at the library to gain more intellect. After hours of solving conundrums, Officer Dave came to the library and asked Detective Viprvenom to come with him.
"What's wrong?" Detective Viprvenom asked the officer.
"Let's talk at the police station," Officer Dave replied.
Soon, Viprvenom and Officer Dave arrived at the police station. Officer Dave handed Detective Viprvenom a case file.
"There is a suicide case at the Brimton Apartments. There are other officers at the case, Officer Jake was told to lead the case. I don't know all the details about the case so you'll have to ask one of the officers there. It's best to ask Jake, he's more trustworthy," Officer Dave gave the file to Detective Viprvenom "Be safe! You are needed for many cases and are smart."
When Detective Viprvenom arrived at the case in Brimton Apartments, Officer Jake came up to him and told Viprvenom the details.
"This young woman is Katherine Sol," Officer Jake said pointing to a lady in a pool of blood. "Her age might be in the 20's. She must have jumped off of the building as a suicide mission. There isn't any access to the roof so she must have jumped from one of the windows," Officer Jake pointed to the windows where they were facing the woman. Detective Viprvenom saw 26 windows and thought there might be 26 floors.
"I'll be back," Detective Viprvenom said to Officer Jake. "By the way, was there anyone you saw at this place?"
"No, none of us officers have seen anyone," the officer replied.
"Ok," Detective Viprvenom went inside the building alone and searched throughout the apartments. Being on the first floor, he opened the window facing the girl in the crime scene, and closed it. He did this pattern all the way to the 26th floor. Then, Detective came back to the crime scene and looked at the windows.
"I refer that this is not suicide but murder," Detective said to Officer Jake. Why did he think this?

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