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Puzzle Hunts :: The Web Riddle (Hints and Answers)

This scavenger hunt requires you to logically solve a variety of puzzles. You may need to know or look up some cultural, scientific or technical facts. Always look at the HTML source code, as most of the puzzles are located there. (external link)

Total Levels: 20

Level 1 - Coming in Summer 2006 to this very space is a web riddle...

Level 2 - Very good! Thats quite a speed!

Level 3 - Well done! Correct again.

Level 4 - What 010 is a 001's 011 ?

Binary. You need to remember answers to previous levels.

I give up, show me the answer.

Level 5 - Introducing Clinton...

Level 6 - 247478627

Level 7 - Would you come to mine for a party?

Level 8 - Although this isn't Clinton's first date.

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