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Four Fine Fellows

Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Puzzle ID:#10342
Fun:*** (2.23)
Difficulty:*** (2.91)
Submitted By:Codammanus***
Corrected By:dumbell




'From where did he come, this one called Max?' everyone did ask,
To get him to appear today indeed was no small task.
All admired his physique, from head to feet amazing!
Gentlemen and ladies alike, eyebrows he was raising.

Much talk there was about him though he did nothing shameful, nor noble,
The looks, the whispers, and the expressions you wouldn't believe if I told you.
And too, without 'Jack' to support him, and neither the 'Old Man,'
He soon appeared in dire need of one or two big fans.

He kept his poise for hours, and then all began to wane,
Not his countenance, nor his physique, was Max able to maintain.
Perhaps someone forgot a true Superstar was to make its presence,
A spectacle Max was to be, but not the day's whole essence.

Besides he was cold, proud in form, and really had no feelings,
And no one engaged him in questionings, for they knew he would be unyielding.

From deep and bitter isolation he came, you see, so to be in the light,
In time proved to be the undoing of Max, perhaps he would have done better at night.

(1)What is Max?
(2)Who are 'Jack' 'The Old Man' and the 'Superstar'?

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Feb 16, 2003

wow! reallly hard..... you got me there. good one.
Feb 16, 2003

Cool. That Max was an ice sculpture was not so difficult to get. The sun as the Superstar was not hard either. Jack and Old Man were kinda hard though.
I want to share three comments though. 1. Why was the sun called a superstar? It is but a common star among the stars. 2. The riddle also mentioned that Max's predicament was his own undoing. How could that be? 3. How could industrial fans help an ice sculpture? Would they not instead hasten the melting?
I really like the teaser though. Congrats
Feb 16, 2003


I thought figuring who Jack and The Old Man might have been the most difficult. In fact, I added them for difficulty. (They were not originally part of this teaser, but were added after a test on a friend, and his feedback). Now, your other comments:
(1)First, the Sun is not an ordinary Star. What is the solar system? It is our Sun and everything that travels around it, which includes the other nine known planets in our Solar system. The Sun is in the center of the solar system. (It contains more than 99% of our Solar System's mass).No other star shares that with our Sun. It provides light essential for you and me even to be alive to have this discussion. Upon review of these facts, I'm sure you'll agree. (2)The riddle did not say that Max’s predicament was his own undoing, but it says: “From deep and bitter isolation he came, you see, so TO BE IN THE LIGHT, IN TIME PROVED TO BE THE UNDOING OF MAX, perhaps he would have done better at night.” Meaning, to come from out from his freezer into the light was his undoing. (3) I suppose you are right about the fans. I have never tried to retard the melting of ice with air. It might accelerate the process as you proposed. Therefore, in the explanation (solution), I added to that sentence the word “maybe.” (Check for yourself). I also mentioned the “fans” to make you think about Max being a celebrity, but it had to have a dual purpose-right? Also, we use fans when we are hot, or to prevent sweating. I imagined Max’s melting (as he was likened to a human), as “perspiration.” All to keep it interesting. Thank you for your observations Griphook. Much appreciated.
Mar 10, 2003

Mea culpa. I plead guilty for not reading each line with extra care. I am not sure of the fans either. My comments were in the form of questions, because I believe the beauty of this teaser is in its subtlety. Smile, always smile.
Nov 27, 2006

I loved this! I thought that Max was a snowman though.
And actually I got JACK and OLD MAN, but not superstar.

Great riddle! Thanks.

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