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Room Lit by Clock


Puzzle ID:#10429
Fun:*** (2.74)
Difficulty:** (1.9)
Submitted By:mrtuba*




A room is lit only by an LED digital 12-hour clock. At what time is the room the brightest? The darkest?

Assume no leading '0' in times where the hour is a single digit. In other words, the time is displayed as "6:32", not "06:32".

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Feb 27, 2003

w0w ... nice idea behind that teaser n.n; i thot it was 100 but i wasnt thinkin that well x.x;
Mar 07, 2003

I'm dense...I dont get it
Mar 19, 2003

If the clock displays military time then it's a tie between 228 and 238.
Mar 19, 2003

Actually, in military time, 208 would be brighter still.
Mar 19, 2003

On most LED clocks there's an AM/PM indicator. The room would be brightest at 108 when that LED is on.
Mar 19, 2003

Nice teaser Mr Tuba! Great idea.
Mar 19, 2003

hush up. its a good teaser.
Mar 20, 2003

Good Teaser, I once figured that out when i was i think 7, but i had no idea how to submit it as a teaser. Good job
(user deleted)
Apr 05, 2003

very cleaver
Sep 08, 2005

Great teaser!
Dec 21, 2005

and ppl think 1010 is the brightest smiley face...

on 2nd thought, mb at 1008 it's too bright they can't see
mabushisugi kamo ne...
Oct 24, 2007

itd be brightest at 1008 AM cuz the sun's up

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