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Cooking Quickly

Science brain teasers require understanding of the physical or biological world and the laws that govern it.


Puzzle ID:#10596
Fun:*** (2.45)
Difficulty:** (1.59)
Submitted By:Phily***
Corrected By:cnmne




After climbing to the top of a mountain, Phil is hungry and gets out his cookpot for a good spaghetti meal. Unfortunately, as it's not a pressure cooker it will take longer to cook. What can Phil do to cook the spaghetti more quickly?
(He's already turned the fuel on max, and he doesn't have to stay with the pot)

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Mar 08, 2003

Wouldn't he want to decrease the boiling point so that it would boil more quickly?
Mar 09, 2003

You wouldn't want to lower the boiling point, because once a liquid reaches its boiling point, it can't get any hotter without turning into a gas (in this case, steam). The problem with adding a lot of salt to the water is that the spaghetti is going to absorb the salt (I always put in about a tablespoon of salt for every gallon of water when making pasta). If you put too much salt in the water, you're going to end up with completely salty, inedible pasta. I think you would be better off putting a tight-fitting lid on the pot- you'll raise the boiling point a little since the lid would increase the pressure in the pot.
Mar 20, 2003

I add salt to water whenever I make mac and cheese, so this was easy for me.
Dec 24, 2003

Increasing the surface area won't change anything. Once it reaches the boiling point, little heat is required to keep it boiling.
Jan 19, 2008

Maybe the salt will work, but one problem. Where will he get the salt???

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