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Beverages and Colors

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#108
Fun:*** (2.37)
Difficulty:*** (2.61)
Submitted By:olefsky*
Corrected By:Dave




Find 10 words that are both beverages and colors.

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Jul 31, 2002

Pretty good, but I think it may have been better if you had added another clue which narrowed it down to one possible answer.
Nov 18, 2003

very dry, very, VERY, dry. Not much of a teaser.
Apr 26, 2004

Boring. Somewhat difficult, but boring....
Aug 25, 2004

Nice teaser Jake! I liked it.
Jan 22, 2005

I think you should of added the word ORANGE to the answer it is color and Beverage
Jan 31, 2005

nope.. Orange is a fruit ... orange JUICE is a beverage.
Then again, I got confused at rose (isn't that a flower?) but then I realised it was supposed to be rosé.
It might have been more interesting if a certain number of answers were asked for, so that we know when to give up listing them ^_^
Apr 20, 2005

Okay, ORANGE could be considered a drink because there is orange soda.

However, aren't most of these colors named after the drinks?

So, it really is a pointless teaser.

Jun 09, 2005

Jun 09, 2005

Jul 21, 2005

go to a paint store these days, and you'll see colors named after anything...I'm sure every type of wine, including wine, has a color.

I'm sure you can find a paint called Root Beer, or cola.
Jan 04, 2006

very fun!
Jan 20, 2006

nice job!!!
Feb 01, 2006

good job
Feb 08, 2006

What about Lemonade? It's right here in my box of Crayola 96!
Feb 21, 2006

Is chocolate really a beverage?
Feb 22, 2006

Feb 22, 2006

Feb 22, 2006

TOASTER! ! ! !
Mar 17, 2006

"Is chocolate really a beverage?"

Don't quote me on this.....

Hundreds of years ago, way before chocolate bars where created, the substance of chocolate was in liquid form, and drank by the wealthy. I'm guessing it would have tasted like melting a Hershey's and drinking it Doesn't seem very appealing.
Mar 18, 2006

Well, I thought it was a good one, keep them coming, but with a little more hint please? Wonderful!
Mar 25, 2006

what about pink lemonade? my little sister has a crayon that says that...and wine and chartreuse are drinks? please let me know where you have seen these drinks at...
Mar 25, 2006

i meant to say is wine a color, and is chartreuse a drink?
Mar 30, 2006

Paul, have you ever heard of hot chocolate?

Very nice teaser, I liked it.
Apr 12, 2006

Went straight to the answer....never would have gotten is a color?
May 18, 2006

what about in juice
Jun 24, 2006

ya thats what i think! orange is both a juice and a soda and a color! who corrected this?!
Jun 30, 2006

a bit too difficult,you should have given a another clue.
and is wine a colour?????????????????
Sep 03, 2006

Yes, wine is a color. I thought this one was good - a little challenging, but that's good, too.
Sep 08, 2006

I didn't know rose was a drink, but besides that, great job.
Oct 13, 2006

not a good teaser.
Oct 15, 2006

I agree
Dec 21, 2006

I never knew there was a color wine
Jan 10, 2007

too vague. Maybe a fun way to clarify it would be to say that the color gets its name from the beverage? Certainly, that eliminates orange (orange the color is based on orange the fruit) With that, I think you have an accurate list. Certainly Champagne, Burgundy, etc are named after something else (regions of France) but the colors come from the beverages themselves.

one protest: is cream a beverage? don't think i'd imbibe straight cream, but to each his own, i guess.
Jan 10, 2007

that being said, you'd have to drop chocolate, since it's not definitively a beverage. If you take chocolate, you have to take orange, grape, etc... Also, I'd drop Rose, especially since Rose the beverage gets its name because of its color, and not the other way around. This is of course based on my suggestion for clarifying the rules, but I feel there need to be more guidelines or else this is just open to conjecture...
Feb 28, 2007

I feel like most of the answers are not colors, and also most of the answers aren't beverages. Or at least, no some that I've heard.
Apr 11, 2007

quite good, but as everyone else has stated it could be clearer. Keep trying. thank you.
Jun 29, 2007

You all realize this is the owner of Braingle, rite? lol
Dec 10, 2007

it wuz hrd becuz i didnt really look deeper and realize how many colors n drinks tht r the same. it was alrite and i agree u shouldve added ORANGE JUICE as one of them.... so ok....
Feb 24, 2008

I didn't really understand what the teaser was, but it did make me have to really think. That's one of the objects of Braingle. Thanks for posting.
May 22, 2008

white wine?
Nov 23, 2008

champage and wine? ok...
Jul 01, 2009

hahaha i didnt want to offence to u i mean that i rlly suck at these and that i just knew i qwoodnt get nythin so yeah goodjob dude..{or dudette{ but i call every1 dudes
Aug 11, 2012

What about merlot? Cognac? Cafe au lait? (not the same as coffee) All commonly used as colors. Not much of a teaser when the answer is a random sample of what came to the author's mind.
Jul 29, 2013

Rose and rosé are different words. Rose is not a drink and rosé is not a colour.

Have to agree with the previous poster about cream; liquid it may be, but it's not a drink. Chocolate is a common enough abbreviation for hot chocolate, and to the person asking about chartreuse (and anyone else wondering), it's a liqueur made from apples.

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