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Sunday Burglary

Mystery teasers are little stories where you need to figure out what happened based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#1084
Fun:*** (2.72)
Difficulty:* (1.1)
Submitted By:BigMan****
Corrected By:bluvsscoobydoo




A couple that owned a mansion came home from church to find that their safe had been robbed. They gathered all of their hired services for questioning. The cook was questioned first and she said that she was busy preparing the Sunday dinner.
Next was the butler but he said that he was setting the table for the Sunday dinner. Then they questioned the maid and her excuse was that she had been cleaning the dining room along with the butler. So they moved on and asked the groundskeeper and he stated that after finishing the pruning he went out to get the mail. The couple, stumped by the reasonable alibis soon found that they had the answer. Who was it?


The butler always does it.....but not in this case.

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Oct 13, 2001

I think this is the best too!
Ichabod Clay
Oct 18, 2001

Extremley good. Even I was stumped by this one. Keep up the good work.
Oct 24, 2001

Personally, I thought it was really really easy. I thought of the answer as soon as I finished reading it.
Nov 02, 2001

well, thats good mike but the difficulty doesnt matter, its the content
Dec 23, 2001

you know, i thought that it was the groundskeeper too, but i thought that he was already outside, so he couldn't go OUT to get the post.
Jan 12, 2002

Very enjoyable and entertaining, though not very challengimg.
Jan 23, 2002

It would be better if Sunday was implied rather than directly stated. Church is enough to tip of the answer without needing to say Sunday Dinner. Figured the answer as soon as I read it.
Feb 05, 2002

Very good!!!!
Feb 15, 2002

Good work, I had to read it carefully the second time. As for not mentioning "Sunday," we go to church on Wednesday evening also.
Feb 21, 2002

Good one!
Mar 30, 2002

i go to church reg. and i have a choice to go sat. or sunday... and the sunday mass usually gets out at about 10
May 22, 2002

Good riddle, but easy. There is one exactly like this on this site that I had already done and gotten right, but still entertaining!
Jun 03, 2002

I saw another one of these teasers so it was easy
Dec 09, 2004

compliments from thepenguin
Jan 04, 2005

Apr 06, 2005

This one was obvious but there is one problem in the writing of this riddle. No where in the story does the butler mention the maid but in your clue you say that the maid and butler share the same story and therefore could not be guilty. Some people might think that since the maid mentions the butler and butler never mentions the maid then one of them is guilty depending on how someone reads it.
May 05, 2005

This was a great one! hey! bring it on! The next teaser that is.
May 12, 2005

I thought it was easy but cute
Jun 07, 2005

Good one! A very cute one to.
Jul 29, 2005

nice whoa
Nov 28, 2005

Cute- I enjoyed it !!!!
Feb 23, 2006

Nice and easy...
Feb 23, 2006

Nice and easy...
Mar 24, 2006

Any Harry Potter fan should have had an easy time with this one. "No post on Sunday!"
Jun 01, 2006

I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and i STILL didn't get the answer. Can't believe i missed that! Well, guess that means you did good!
Jun 07, 2006

Good trick in there!
Apr 02, 2007

yes i got it good teaser
May 22, 2007

I thought I had the right answer then I got tricked! Very good.
Jul 15, 2007

i heard a really similar riddle that went:
one sunday morning susan came home and her husband lay on the floor dead. she asked her brother who'd never approved of him if he did it but he said he was walking the dog. she asked the butler who had been ripped off by her husband countless times, and he said he was getting the mail. then, she asked the maid who'd been jealous that he'd picked susan over herself but she said she was baking a pie. susan immediatly knew who did it. who was it?
A:the butler, mail doesnt come on sundays.
Jul 15, 2007

sorry about the long comment. Great riddle, i love that one its a classic.
Jul 17, 2007

um ...i thought it was the maid because the cook and butler claim to be getting ready for sunday dinner but the maid said she was cleaning the dining room with the butler.OHHHH wait now i get it!
Nov 08, 2007

Too easy, still entertaining.
Jan 16, 2008

Yeah! I knew it was the maid! Oh wait...
Apr 14, 2008

Unless he forgot to get the mail on Saturday....
May 27, 2008

The butler was setting the table.The maid said the butler was cleaning.What?
Oct 13, 2008

I thought it was the groundskeeper because he went out after the pruning. What was he pruning inside?
Jan 20, 2009

Yes, the maid is coming off as very suspicious. The butler was not cleaning the dining area, he was setting the table. You should probably try to fix their alibis.
Jul 21, 2009

OMG!!!! couple days ago, i was gonna get the ail and my mom told me that mail dont come on sundays. yet i still got it wrong. sux for me
Sep 17, 2009

I got it wrong!
Jan 22, 2015

"usually the Sunday dinner is eaten early"

Um, where? And even then, it usually wouldn't be that soon after *noon*.

"if you're a churchgoer then you should know that church lets out on Sunday about noon"

I don't like riddles that rely on information that plenty of people are not going to have.

Then again, this one's so obvious and common that I didn't even need to test those alibis anyway.

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