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Tiny Little Stairs

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Puzzle ID:#11242
Fun:*** (2.73)
Difficulty:** (1.85)
Submitted By:jimbo*au******
Corrected By:shenqiang




Jimbo Gulliver was planning an intergalactic space trip to the planet Lilliputinyweesmallminutania which had a very tiny moon named Tinylittliddybiddy... well never mind what it was called. Here dwelt the smallest people in the universe.
In order to give them access to his space ship doorway, which was 3 metres off the ground, he decided to build a set of stairs that measured 4 metres long by 3 metres high.
Just as he was about to leave, the first officer on the ship, Lieutenant Sarogahtyp said "Jimbo, when we get there are we going to give them the red carpet treatment?"
"Good idea", declared Jimbo.
Now Jimbo had the latest autocarpetachometer thingy that could fasten a carpet to a staircase without wasting any carpet whatsoever on the corners and bends. "I wonder how much red carpet I'll need?" enquired Jimbo.
"Look", said first officer Sarogahtyp, "There are thousands and thousands of steps. The steps are so tiny and close together that it almost looks like a ramp. Why it's almost a 3:4:5 triangle. Take 6 metres and you'll have some left over.
Jimbo Gulliver took his first Lieutenants advice but alas, when he got there, there was not enough carpet to carpet the stairs! Why?

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Mar 30, 2003

Good one! I love it!
Jul 28, 2004

very good, keep it up
Jul 28, 2004

"Sarogahtyp" love the name Pythagoras would be proud
Dec 21, 2008

very nice. thanks.
Sep 28, 2015

Unless he just has the automatic doohickey carpet the tops of the stairs and not the risers. Then he could do it with the 6 meters, with some left over.

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