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Fresh Water?

Science brain teasers require understanding of the physical or biological world and the laws that govern it.


Puzzle ID:#11262
Fun:*** (2.33)
Difficulty:* (0.88)
Submitted By:Nancewrite*
Corrected By:boodler




A man was in the middle of the Arctic ocean with only a kerosene stove and a pickaxe. He had plenty of food but he didn't have water. He somehow got water each day.

How did he do this?

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Mar 27, 2003

Good one. I thought there might've been some kind of trick, but saw that it was a Science teaser so opted to go for the iceberg theory. I didn't add the stove part. Good teaser.
Apr 02, 2003

It would help if he also had a pot to melt the ice in as well as something to light the shovel with and maybe a raft or boat to float on.
Apr 03, 2003

Quite obvious, though.
Apr 03, 2003

electronjohn, I don't think he would need a boat. The middle of the Arctic Ocean is near the North Pole, and if my memory serves me correctly that area is covered with a very thick layer of ice.
Apr 04, 2003

I liked it : )
Jul 24, 2005

how did he light the stove without any matches
hehe, don't mind me, just making trouble
Jan 19, 2006

There are no icebergs in the middle of the arctic ocean, just a huge sheet of thick ice. So he had plenty of water. And food. But he froze to death.
Aug 23, 2006


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