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Bushels of Apples

Math brain teasers require computations to solve.


Puzzle ID:#118
Fun:*** (2.6)
Difficulty:*** (2.54)
Submitted By:jerry1***
Corrected By:CrazyPineapple




An unemployed man walks into a shipping warehouse on the wharf. He goes to the foreman and asks for a job. The foreman says he`ll give him a job if he can figure out a problem with 10 bushels of apples. Nine of the bushels are full of apples weighing 1 pound each, but one bushel contains apples weighing 1.1 pounds each. All of the bushels contain the same number of apples. The foreman wants to know which bushel has the heavy apples. There is a scale, but he can only make one measurement on the scale. Making only one weight measurement,how can the man find which bushel contains the heavy apples? He can include any combination of bushels or apples on the scale.

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Nov 17, 2001

Answer is not properly explained.There are 55 apples in all.But weight will come out to be slightly more than 55.And how much more will decide the defective basket.For e.g. If it is 55.4 then defective basket is fourth as 4 apples were taken from it.
Feb 21, 2002

Spot on Maneesh.
Feb 21, 2002

You could save a little time by taking one apple from the first bushel, two from the second etc. up to the ninth bushel but taking zero apples from the tenth bushel. The weight measurement will be between 45.0lbs and 45.9lbs with the number after the decimal point indicating the bushel with the heavier apples. If they weigh 45.0lbs the tenth un-weighed bushel has the heavier apples.
Mar 27, 2002

Better have an accurate, well calibrated scale! Good riddle!
Apr 20, 2005

I say: just eat the apples and shut up.
Jan 10, 2006

WOW, those are some HUGE apples! I mean, 1.1 lbs EACH?!? Where can I get some?
Feb 20, 2006

uggh! didn't like that one
Feb 20, 2006

Couldn't you take one apple of each, and continue to add them to the scale until an apple is added that adds 1.1 lbs?
Feb 22, 2006

Apr 07, 2006

he could just pick up the bushels and see which one feels the heaviest
i'm not sure if that would work though. . .
May 05, 2006

i'm so confused...
May 12, 2006

is it me or did maneesh just repeat the solution in his comment, good riddle tho, a little confusing, i thought the bushels were 1 lb.
Jul 23, 2006

i wouldn't have gotten that job, i must admit
good one
Aug 20, 2006

ughhh that was hard.

but still very fun
Aug 24, 2006

unlike some of the others who commented, i thought it was very clever.
Sep 05, 2006

I think the simplest thing since he could weigh as many as he wanted once would be to put them all on and remove one at a time. I guess each removal is technically a measurement though. Good teaser.
Oct 03, 2006

It would have been easier for me if I was thinking of a scale and not a balance! I'm an idiot.
Oct 15, 2006

Very cool.
Dec 19, 2006

Very clever teaser.
Dec 29, 2006

Oh... thats cool. I was thinking of a balance, not a scale
Mar 31, 2007

That's really smart!
Nov 07, 2007

How many apples can you put in a bushel? I guess it better be at least 10 apples (or 9 as with the solution of tommo), coz we'll have a problem with the solution if its less than 10 apples per bushel.
Jan 27, 2009

Nice teaser.

I did it the same as tommo by taking zero from the first bussel to save a little time.

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