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A Democrat and a Republican

Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


Puzzle ID:#119
Fun:*** (2.51)
Difficulty:** (1.6)
Submitted By:Phyllis*****!
Corrected By:silvermoonisis




A Democrat and a Republican are being interviewed.

"I am a Republican", says the man.

"I am a Democrat", says the woman. Assume that at least one of them is lying. Which one is it?

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Sep 17, 2001

The people could be lying about their sexuality. You never know.
Jan 29, 2003

That was.... really silly.
Sep 24, 2004

I said both because they are polliticians.
Apr 14, 2005

I honestly do not get this teaser!
Apr 25, 2005

That is a good teaser.

Which one is lying after telling only one sentence. Since they is one of each, they both must be lying.
Good one.
Oct 22, 2005

i have no logistical thinking, but i tried! good teaser tho
Nov 04, 2005

This is more of a joke than a teaser, but I suppose it did give me a good laugh.
Nov 08, 2005

good one! amazing how we so easily ignore the obvious sometimes!
Nov 10, 2005

I am lost. I didn't get it. How are they both lying?
Nov 14, 2005

then therefore the information we are given to solve the problem with is also a lie making it invalid?
Nov 18, 2005

Nov 24, 2005

If the question is correct then both must be lying; but they were probably both lying on principle
Nov 29, 2005

Dec 25, 2005

OK I am so lost..... Politicians lie anyway so.....? I'm still confused? I will leave now......
Jan 09, 2006

Then again, since they are being interviewed, and the press is so obviously liberal, then the statement that there was a democrat and a republican is also suspect. After all, wouldn't there have been at least two democrats in the room? There would have been a republican and a democrat, and the democrat interviewing them!

Just kidding!
Jan 25, 2006

I'm lost on this one
Jan 30, 2006

this makes no sense....whatever
Feb 21, 2006

Right musicman! Also, you automatically know that the democrat cannot be believed.
Mar 07, 2006

If true, they would not be interviewed.
Mar 09, 2006

lol, the narrator could be lying about there being one of each in the room
Mar 29, 2006

or neither of them were lyingf, u just said "assume" assume dosent mean definetly.
May 03, 2006

I Don't get it..... So is the Man a democrat and the woman a republican? Or are they both democrats? Or are they both republicans? Or are they not even Politicians?
May 25, 2006

Theoretically, they could be reading scripts.

I'm an 18-year-old male. But if i were reading a script aloud, which stated "my gender is not male", i wouldn't be lying.

Similarly, ione is reading a script, then they would not be 'lying' per se.
May 25, 2006

Similary, if one*
Jun 19, 2006

the riddle doesn't say one is lying, it wants us to assume one is lying. you have a 50/50 chance of being right or wrong depending on how you look at it. not my favorite riddle.
Aug 09, 2006

I just assumed it was the woman

JK, great teaser
Oct 15, 2006

? This is more like a political joke.
Nov 12, 2006

Looks like you beat Tennessee smarts, New York perserverance and Texas cunning. Yeah you got it right i've lived in 3 different states of the USA and i'm proud of it! Hee Hoo!
Nov 26, 2006

Feb 21, 2007

you guys don't get it, do you? If you assume that there is a Democrat and a Republican, and they claim to be a Democrat and a Republican, then they are both telling the truth. But you also must assume that one of them is lying. Therefore, one is lying about their political affiliation, and the other one has to be to maintain the balance.
Feb 28, 2007

If you're going to have a teaser, at least make the answer fun and interesting There's nothing as dull as, "They're both lying!"
Mar 10, 2007

Heard it b4 but still a good puzzle
Apr 02, 2007

That was rather pointless...
Apr 19, 2007

i told myself the answer
Dec 06, 2007

This was alright, although I think it would be more appropriate in the trick section.
Oct 31, 2010

Good job!
Aug 24, 2011

this teaser is not about them being politicians! It doesn't even have to be with a democrat and republican. It could just as well be with a cat and a beaver! the point is that we know that there is one of both, so both must be lying, otherwise there would be no Democrat or no Republican. We know that there is one of both, therefore they must both be lying!
Nov 04, 2012


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