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The Mysterious Prowler

Mystery teasers are little stories where you need to figure out what happened based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#12107
Fun:*** (2.62)
Difficulty:** (1.44)
Submitted By:od-1Aca****




"You must come over and help me," Duffus exclaimed on the phone to his neighbor OD-1. "I've just been knocked unconscious by a prowler."

OD-1 trudged through the deep snow and arrived to find Duffus hiding behind his couch. "All right this isn't hide and go seek (that's another teaser): what is going on here?"

"I heard noises coming from the barn; noises like someone banging on the barn doors and as you know my barn has been empty for years. I went out to see who was there and checked the lock on the door. Everything seemed normal but as I turned back to the house I was struck on the head by the prowler and knocked out. When I came to, I ran to the house and called you!" exclaimed Duffus.

OD-1 looked out the window at the barn and could see clearly the large snow angel where Duffus did his face plant when he lost consciousness. "There's no prowler Duffus, let me tell you what happened."
How did OD-1 know what happened and that there was no prowler?


Think snow

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May 14, 2003

Something is missing from the solution. How did Duffus become unconscious?
(user deleted)
May 14, 2003

I know some 'situation' puzzles can be be a 'little' obscure, but this takes the cake. Snow falling on an unused barn sounds like an intruder? Snow falling from the roof of a barn can render someone unconscious? (Perhaps an icicle, like I thought). People make snow-angels after they have been knocked unconscious? People upon realizing that there are only one set of.. aw forget it
May 14, 2003

Od-1, unless I'm reading this incorrectly, it makes little sense. (sorry). there seems to be gaps in the wording or something.
May 15, 2003

WOW I'M suprised to here that from you Cod. I thought I had made it too easy.
May 15, 2003

I usually don't comment unless it's good. But, this whole "situation" teaser category is not something I'm fond of. (I know what the instructions say for thesee, that it is not intended to be solved on its own), and that's what bothers me. Causes folks to "stretch" (favorite editor word) the teaser too much!
May 15, 2003

However, I am VERY fond of the retuning character in your brain teasers. That I like a lot. (Might even try it someday).
May 15, 2003

I completly agree with you about the situation teaser thing.I'm actually trying to get it changed so that there must be enough clues to solve them in the teaser body.I remove some clues as it was way too easy in the begining I thought I left enough in though to solve it . I'll keep an eye on this for future ones. thanks
Dec 08, 2004

I thought this was a good teaser but there isn't enough clues for any one to possibly answer this.
(user deleted)
Feb 09, 2005

This one needed a more specific topic a humorous or riddical one could been better.
Feb 19, 2005

he got a SNOW JOB?!? You people have sick minds...
Mar 02, 2005

I agree with the rest. If we can't "see" what all the characters in the situation are supposed to have seen, how can we arrive at the solution?
Apr 06, 2005

Pretty good teaser...i dont think i would have gotten it without the clue but this is not one of your best OD-1
Apr 06, 2005

i had the wildest guess for this.
the windows were banging because of the wind, and he checked on the barn, opening it. because of the wind the doors suddenly open again, whacking him in a cartoony fashion on the snow.
Nov 10, 2005

Never having been around snow, i had no idea that it could make that much noise. O well.
Nov 16, 2005

I thought an owl had gotten trapped in the barn and when he opened the door the owl knocked into him and then flew away- I guess there would have been a feather or two though- I love mysteries
Nov 21, 2005

More, please! I love it!
May 26, 2006

In the great white way things might march to different drummers. Good one.
Mar 18, 2008

I guessed the part about the footprints but never would have gotten the rest. My mind did not connect a banging sound with the sound of snow falling off a roof.
Mar 20, 2008

Very cute, easy as far as the footprints in the snow, (I guessed), but the falling snow got me.
Jun 23, 2008

The "Sound of Falling Snow"?????

$ourDough dislikes this one!

Jun 23, 2008

It doesn't make that much sense, but that just might be me

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