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The Magic Ball

Science brain teasers require understanding of the physical or biological world and the laws that govern it.


Puzzle ID:#1212
Fun:*** (2.25)
Difficulty:** (1.81)
Submitted By:ChuckieChen***
Corrected By:drussel3




There was a magic show. A man put a solid metal ball under an opaque cover. After a while, he took the cover off of the ball and there was nothing left but some liquid.

What happened?

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Oct 29, 2001

Or water... or any other matter that is liquid at room temperature and solid at not too extreme low temperatures.
Nov 21, 2001

I'm guessing the magician isn't going to live past 40, doing tricks with mercury.
Nov 21, 2001

according to... the bottom comment... water isnt opaque
Don Ray
Dec 02, 2001

re: the last comment - ya, magician to mad hatter...
Anyway, I guessed a snowball - at any rate, it sounds like we all came to the same chilling conclusion - what I want to know is, what kind of a "get a life" audience is gonna sit there and wait for something to MELT?
(I can just picture it - then the magician says, "Ta Da!!!"
Dec 07, 2001

It is maybe carved ice
Apr 22, 2002

ice is opaque
Nov 12, 2002

Hg is too dangerous to try this with. Instead use Ga (Gallium) which is also a metal (by the way this question would be better if it said a metal ball) and freezes at room temp and melts in your hand. So you would just put the gallium ball in your hand, close your hand for a minute or less, and when you open it there would be liquid gallium. TaDa
Nov 24, 2003

That's some freezer you got there -38 Degrees C?
May 25, 2006

Water is not a metal!
Apr 02, 2007

I don't get this and isn't there already a brainteaser like this one? If you know, please tell me the answer to either!
Feb 23, 2010

Gallium is definitely better for this trick.

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