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Business is Good

Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Puzzle ID:#12407
Fun:*** (2.98)
Difficulty:*** (2.83)
Submitted By:Codammanus***
Corrected By:dumbell




Yeah, they keep me locked up, but I guess I'm thankful, in short.
I hand out the beatings, while my neighbors import and export.
We make a good team, especially me as the muscle,
But with two dozen guards, I'm glad we never tussle.
But really, I got a lotta my own connections,
Imports, exports, with thousands collectin'.
But between us, there's really no competition,
I call it harmonizin' cause we're on the same mission.
No one is unnecessary, or, you know, too small,
The guy upstairs is the boss of it all.
He's also incarcerated, but for his good I bet it is,
Business is good, so long as we get the messages.


Who's doing the talking, and who are the other players in this riddle? (there are a total of 28, minus the narrator's connections)

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May 22, 2003

Codammanus this was FANTASTIC!!! two thumbs up... but unlike ur other teasers i got it at once :-D
May 22, 2003

Glad you enjoyed it! Let's see who can follow in your footsteps. Or will I stump em?
May 23, 2003

well u stumped me, it was one of the best on here. how u thought that one up i will never know.......
May 23, 2003

business as USUAL. excellence from COD always assured. ( but far too may clues my friend, you are too generous with this one) wink
May 23, 2003

I think I know who to thank for that trait. (But I won't say). I was on a NO HINT policy, but It doesn't seem to work.
May 23, 2003

WHAT AM I SAYING? Although hints are not really MY thing, I have to say the generosity here is my own. Actually, Griphook, I didn't bother to revise this one from its original form. I liked it the way it came out. (Product of a 58 minute Brainstorm) I thought it would be a gamble, but I was proud of this so I let it fly.
May 23, 2003

and soar it did.
May 24, 2003

Well you're not surprised to find that I think this is a fantastic teaser but by the ratings, so does everyone else! Keep it it up!
May 25, 2003

It was one of the best teasers I have ever read. It stumped me. Good job, keep up the good work.
May 27, 2003

Without a doubt, a CODAMMANUS !
The latest synonym for EXCELLENT TEASERS.
May 27, 2003

Scramble, I thank you sincerely!
May 30, 2003

God, how do you think up this stuff, that was excellant.
Jun 01, 2003

You guys and gals are making Manus Blush. I Like!
Jun 14, 2003

I actually got that one!!!
Jun 16, 2003

I wouldn't have changed a thing!;D
Jun 18, 2003

Great work Manus.. Got it nice and easy, but even easy riddles are sometimes a great read and fun to look back through the clues once you get the answer to see the cleverness in the different lines. A great addition to the collection.
Jun 18, 2003

Simply great. And fun, besides.
Jun 19, 2003

:| wow, got me stumped!!!
(user deleted)
Jun 23, 2003

that's good i was thinking the narrator was some part oph the body(but i didn't know which one) and i guessed the "guy upstairs" was the brain it's really cool how you worked it all out
Nov 03, 2003

This was a cool teaser, I got it- zoomed through the answer- knew it all- didn't need the explanation
Jun 18, 2004

I only half get this teaser. It's a bit weird, but still good. I would never have guessed it.
Jun 22, 2004

wow!! WAY too hard for me!! but, very good!
Jun 19, 2005

Excellent! Thanks...
Jun 19, 2005

Great teaser, really a fun read. One of the few that I actually got. I must say, you are a very intelligent person to come up with this!
Jun 19, 2005

This was a very creative and entertaining teaser. However, I solved this teaser (besides the lung part, which I overlooked as I wasn't counting) in about ten seconds. Also, I rarely solve any teasers at all, but this one seemed incredibly simple. I'm not trying to be an a-hole, its just that I was shocked that this teaser almost had a three for its difficulty when I read it. Anyway, really cool teaser, blah blah blah, just a bit easy...
Jun 19, 2005

This was great. Added to my favorites
Wish i could come up with something like that.
Keep them comming. Look foward to your next one
Jun 19, 2005

Jun 19, 2005

Jun 19, 2005

I can't believe I didn't get this one! I was on the track of an orchestra?! I guess I'm more hung-over than I thought...
Jun 19, 2005

Well Done... A bit obvious, but a lot of fun...
Jun 19, 2005

Now I know how many ribs I have. Excellent work.
Jun 19, 2005

Stumped me but then I'm not to awake yet... Great riddle!
Jun 19, 2005

That was sooooooooo cool. I Would have never thought of that in a million years! How do you do that? I'm adding this one to my favorites! Thanks for the brain workout!
Jun 19, 2005

wow, i would have never thought of that!!! at first i thought it had something to do with a ship or cabin---you know, importing exporting....haha

really good teaser
Jun 19, 2005

I was thinking it was a computer with the motherboard doing the talking!!! Great teaser!
Jun 19, 2005

I like that one! Took me a bit, but I got it. Those are the best kind.
Jun 19, 2005

you must be some sort of genius or somthing, i would have never thought of that. me like!
Jun 19, 2005

that wz good! a little hard...4 sum reason i thought it might be chess or sumthin and the narrarator is the king...i don job tho!
Jun 19, 2005

A Very Hard Teaser
Jun 19, 2005

That was great and really well written! I guessed the heart right away, but didn't get the ribs. Love the answer.
Jun 19, 2005

Jun 19, 2005

Jun 19, 2005

Fantastic! An extremely witty and thought-provoking teaser. Such a clever one!
Jun 19, 2005

Jun 19, 2005

I would have gotten this had it been anatomically correct. A man has one less rib than a woman.
Jun 19, 2005

This was by far the BEST who-am-I teaser I have ever read! Being a science buff, not to mention a lover of a good teaser, this one is going on my list of favorites!
Jun 19, 2005

i didn't really like this teaser i thought it was kind of retarded!!!!
Jun 19, 2005

Very out there, very fun, tho i was far from getting it! Good job
Jun 19, 2005

WOW! That was extrodinary!!!!!
very sharp
Jun 19, 2005

well you certainly did ur reasearch!
Jun 19, 2005

Umm, yeah . . . I wasn't even close in what i was thinking. Wow, that was really good
Jun 19, 2005

amazing omg amazing that was really good!!!!!
Jun 19, 2005

amazing omg amazing that was really good!!!!!
Jun 19, 2005

Clever, intelligent and different...Good job!
Jun 20, 2005

Brilliantly written !

Thank you for entertaining me and building up my confidence! I GOT IT

I was also super impressed with how you created it in a burst brainstorm! Way to go!
Jun 20, 2005

very well written!! i was way off the mark, yet it all makes so much sense on looking at the answer...great teaser!
Jun 20, 2005

Very witty and clever of you! I would never have guessed it. Keep up the good work!
Jan 17, 2007

Jun 19, 2008

Actually, very easy. But great fun! I liked it!

Jun 19, 2008

SourDough thinks this puzzle is very insightful; yet delightful, yes indeed!

Wow! Yes indeed!

Jun 19, 2008

Astoundingly good riddle, absolutely fantastic
Jun 19, 2008

What can I say that hasn't already been said, both pro and con. I can only add that I totally didn't get it.I had no clue.
Jun 19, 2008

When I saw 28 things to figure out, I decided to not even try. Didn't care at all for this teaser.
Jun 19, 2008

This was one of the best I've ever seen! Even though I didn't get the answer it was superb - well done.
Jun 19, 2008

Tooooooooootally Cool!
Jun 19, 2008

Huh?!? I'd like a teaser next time, not a SAT test.
Jun 19, 2008

Hey! Thanks for that riddle! I don't usually get them. I got the brain on the second read-thru (thought it was G-d first time) and the speaker on the third--figured that was the most important answer. Couldn't get the ribs as the guards and didn't think of lungs; thought of veins and arteries as the importers and exporters.

NOW I'll get dressed and ready for work!
Jun 19, 2008

oh that's cool
as usual I'm to lazy to solve but I'm sure if I put my mind to it I could have figured it out
great teaser
Jun 19, 2008

Excellent brain (and heart and lung) teaser
Jun 19, 2008

That was a tough one! I kept wanting to think chess pieces for some strange reason. Your hard work surely paid off! Great job!
Jun 19, 2008

Ecellent Teaser, although I was slightly off. I thought it was the tongue. Similarly, The TONGUE (1) is the one doing the talking. He is thankful to be "locked up" or guarded by the (approx)"two dozen guards," the (26) teeth that normal humans have. The teeth protect, and guard the tongue. The LIPS are the 'neighbors' (2) that have the job of "Importing" and "Exporting" Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide and FOOD. The heart is- literally speaking- the muscle, and 'hands out the beatings' (passes food to be chewed by the teeth). The Brains follows as described.
Again ... great teaser, I just didn't think it through.
Jun 19, 2008

Jun 19, 2008

well good teaser. but i have to say, some people who have been on braingle for 5 years or more have negitive karma. thats not good. they better find a way to fix that. that's sad that somthing would happen to someone like that.
Jun 19, 2008

wow great teaser, I gave up too early... especially since I'm supposed to be studying for my anatomy exam next monday!
Jun 21, 2008

Another mistake in my comment (above) ... I meant the TONGUE passes the food to the teeth to be chewed.
Jun 21, 2008

Shouldn't "ribs that normal humans have in 2 pairs" in the answer read "ribs that normal humans have in 12 pairs?"
Jun 23, 2008

12 pairs amounts to 24 ribs ... sounds good to me.
Aug 19, 2008

Oh, my goodness! That was spectacular!
I couldn't figure it out, but when I read the explanation, it was obvious and SO WELL DONE!
Jun 19, 2011

I did not get it, but it was very well done. A lot of thought went into this one.
Jun 19, 2011

I don't know where I was. Wasn't even in the ballpark on this one. Great teaser.
Jun 19, 2011

Very clever teaser - but my mind was a thousand miles away!

Happy Father's Day, DADS!
Jun 19, 2011

This was really easy but AMAZINGLY GOOD! I'm definitely adding this to my favorites. Keep em coming!
Jun 28, 2011

Totally cool!
Jun 19, 2014

Good one, but I thought of the mouth with teeth even though it said 28. I did get the brain though. At least I was inside the body!
Jun 19, 2014

June 19, 2014 - Current membership of the L-E-B (LEB is a TLA - three-letter-acronym standing for:

The League of Extraordinary Brainglers

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*BadBunnee02 - originator, owner, and CEO. AKA (look it up) by "others" as Baron of Braingle, Bob of KORie (KOR=King of Rebus), Bob of the BadBunneeBrigade.

*BadBunnee - April 24, 2011 - July 05, 2008 - the "original" - honorary posthumorous membership

*BadBunnee03 - identity unknown. Honorary "creative" membership awarded for selection of the "screenie" (screen-name).

*eighsse - won first "Re-Buster" contest (in Teaser #36262) by identifying the ReBuster "i". This was interesting in that eighsse gave a BETTER answer than was intended. Our answer was "a black eye". If you wish to know HIS answer you will need to contact him by private message.

*MarcM1098 & HABS2933 won BB02's Groupie Challenge #02 (Teaser #50305). Marc was "best in class" and HABS was "best in show".
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Jun 19, 2014

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Jun 19, 2014

Here is my comment on the teaser:
Cleverly written. I didn't have a clue on this one, but after reading the answer it made perfect sense. Nicely done.
Jun 19, 2014

I wasn't even close. That was a fantastic teaser. So well written and thought out. Great job.
Jun 19, 2014

First, I thought this teaser was brilliant! I knew it had to be something to do with the body, and got the brain but didn't come up with the rest.
Jun 19, 2014

And now ....the saga continues:

The League of Extraordinary Brainglers

BadBunnee02*, BadBunnee, BadBunnee03*, eighsse*, HABS2933*, MarcM1098* (with earned bronze Tea-Leaf-Cluster*), Zykezex*

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that would be like Prince of Wales OF Duke of Cambridge. It is Baron of Brainle, King of the Rebus. GET IT RIGHT!

*BadBunnee03 - identity unknown.
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*eighsse gave a BETTER answer than was intended.
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*MarcM1098 is a double winner
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**Zykezex was the only one to enter therefore wins by default.
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Ways to get to be a LEB (LIU)
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Jun 19, 2014

BB and YY. The two of you are out of control. Can we get this back in control and comment on the teasers and drop the senseless jibber jabber?
Jun 19, 2014

OK ... doodley ... good point

This is one of Codamammus' best efforts from "the good old days" and it's a shame they are not here to enjoy everyone's magnificent comments.

This is a great teaser and deserves all the praise it can get.

We'll see how many of the "current" Brainglers can recognize teaser greatness.

Place your bets.

Jun 19, 2014

Hey, everybody .........

HEADS UP !!!!!!!!

Here is your latest chance to get a membership in the L-E-B (LIU).

The second in the "Re-Buster" contests is now continuing in my latest posting, Teaser # 50366, Titled "Huh?"

Take a shot ... (at the prize, instead of me ... for a change ...)

Jun 19, 2014

Had an inquiry on the status of an entrant on the contest in Teaser #50330.

MarcM actually "won" the contest with fifteen entries but since he had already won a prior effort and, therefore, was already a member of the L-E-B (LIU), the questioner wanted to know if the SECOND place winner would be certified.

The answer is definitely YES.

So .... mepapa with five entries is certified as the winner and, consequently, the ....


Congrats, mepapa.

(MarcM is still recognized, however, for his sterling effort with a "bronze Tea Leaf Cluster" to add to his L-E-B (LIU) membership.)


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