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Thirsty Tails

Trick brain teasers appear difficult at first, but they have a trick that makes them really easy.


Puzzle ID:#12950
Fun:*** (2.84)
Difficulty:** (1.69)
Submitted By:theteaser**
Corrected By:elentir




What animal eats and drinks with its tail?

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Jun 15, 2003

i will drink to that. nice one.
Jul 23, 2003

Mar 25, 2004

not all animals have tails
Jul 08, 2004

You fooled me
May 07, 2005

I can't believe you got me on this one! Wait, I need another cup of coffee - better yet, another pot!!!
Very clever teaser.
May 30, 2005

Got me!!!
Jan 08, 2006

funny one i got tricked
May 24, 2006

What about animals with no tail? =0
Jul 07, 2006

Nice That fooled me by a mile nah but still nice one.
Aug 04, 2007

wat about apes, they don't have tails?
May 20, 2008

Tricky tricky!
Mar 08, 2009

What if a lizard dropped its tail in defense to confuse the predator, and then drank? Good teaser
Feb 19, 2012

Oh my goodness, I fell for this one...
Feb 19, 2012

I'm sorry but I this one was pretty dumb.
Feb 19, 2012

I LOVED that puzzle. I think it was funny and I think every one falls for it! Of course I had no clue, but it was a trick question, and just meant as a joke! Good one - thanks! Started my day off on a bright note!
Feb 19, 2012

I also did not care for this teaser. As stated above, there are lots of animals that have no tails. A human is part of the Animal Kingdom, and I have yet to see any with tails.
Also, in my opinion anyway, this is more of riddle than trick question and should have been in that category.
Feb 19, 2012

what about the animals that don't have tails?
Feb 19, 2012

I see the pedants are out in force. The answer is 'all animals that have a tail'.
Feb 19, 2012

This is as bad as the question: What month has 28 days? They all do!
Feb 19, 2012

I got this one before finishing reading it. I guess that raising 3 sons you get to hear many variations of this joke.
Feb 20, 2012

Humans, chimps, gorillas, orang-utans... none of them have tails. Good teaser still.
Feb 19, 2015

Oh my gosh, I got this one easily. I thought it was pretty obvious, but I do know what is easy for some is hard for others so on this one I feel pretty good. Humans have tailbones. My sister had hers operated on so that is how I know. Love all the comments also.
Feb 19, 2015

I can think of many more animals that don't have tails: Starfish, Octopuses, Jellyfish, Sponges, insects, spiders, worms, sea anemones... when you look at the statistics, tails are actually pretty rare in the animal kingdom.
Feb 19, 2015

You guys! The answer doesn't have to be so precise. The fact isn't that 'all animals WITH TAILS' drink and eat.' It's the fact that 'all animals drink and eat.' I mean, it's implied. It really is. Least I thought it was a good teaser, regardless of the wording for the answer.

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