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Yamashita Treasure

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#13070
Fun:*** (2.43)
Difficulty:*** (2.85)
Submitted By:griphookph***!!!




Greep Hooke was invited by his friend Jack Fruit to a treasure hunting expedition in the Far East. He was shown a 50 plus year old map with Japanese markings and writings. It came from a grand niece of a Japanese Army Colonel who executed Gen. Yamashita's orders to bury gold and other precious metals in different parts of Japanese occupied territory towards the end of World War II. Unfortunately, as decoys more bogus maps were prepared than genuine ones.
Greep examined the map. He noticed the colored FLAG (with a tiger mark) at the end of a multicolored ARC was in between a MOUNTAIN and a RIVER which had been properly identified. The writings below the FLAG had been translated into English. It read:


Greep then remarked, "Yamashita was known as the Tiger of Malaya and much is told about the Yamashita Gold. But considering the odds, the treasure you seek is but a myth."

Question: What was the "treasure" in the map?

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Jun 18, 2003

I didn't find Gold by looking at the odds (I took the long route), but.....a TREASURE indeed!
Jun 18, 2003

i definetly liked this one
Jun 18, 2003

thanks. Your comments are treasured.
Sep 27, 2003

Very interesting.
Sep 28, 2003

Oct 11, 2003

would never have seen that coming.
Oct 14, 2003

hello rose
Dec 21, 2003

I guessed it was something like a pot of gold because of the mention of an arc, but i didnt get the odds bit. Another gem of a teaser
Dec 21, 2003

thanks... and happy holidays
Dec 26, 2003

wow griphook!!! You have a knack for submitting teasers with standard value and all the good teasers seem to be submitted by you.
Dec 30, 2003

yeah i totally agree with fg_4ever!! i love your teasers! theyre so clever
Dec 31, 2003

wow grip... that was the only one of your riddles that i got in like 2 seconds flat... not that it was too easy... you my dear sweet hook are the master
Dec 31, 2003

many many many thanks to you... your comments are treasured
Dec 31, 2003

Nice one. Out of curiosity, why do you capitalize certain words in every single teaser? Are they important ones?
Jan 01, 2004

different strokes for different folks
Jan 09, 2004

Jan 10, 2004


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