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Puzzle ID:#1396
Fun:*** (2.56)
Difficulty:** (1.25)
Submitted By:TallPaul5k**




Think of a number between 1 and 10.
Multiply the number by 9.
Add the digits of your result.
Subtract 5 from your new number.
Find the letter that corresponds to your number, if 1 = A, 2 = B, 3 = C, etc.
Think of a country that begins with your letter.
Write down your country.

Think of an animal beginning with the second letter of your country.
Think of the color of that animal.
Write down the animal and its color.

Think of an animal that begins with the last letter of your country.
Think of a fruit that begins with the last letter of this second animal.
Write down the fruit and the animal.

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Nov 17, 2001

Sorry !! I thought Dominican Republic and black owl..pssstt
Dec 03, 2001

I thought of Djibouti (in africa), clear jellyfish, and a strawberry ibys
Dec 06, 2001

The animal I thought of was eland
Dec 14, 2001

I got the kangaroo and orange, but had an emu for the first animal.
Mar 29, 2002

This is not a brain teaser! It's some trick of the mind!
Apr 01, 2002

I also used Dominican Republic
Apr 04, 2002

lol i somehow got baghdad and blue butterflys
Jul 29, 2002

I'm a kangaroo, and I live in Denmark.
Please respect me.
Sep 06, 2002

anybody know a country beginning with y, taht is waht i got.. couldnt think of a country though.. oh well!
Oct 06, 2002

unnatural! great!
May 02, 2003

It neither sports brown echidnas or koalas but it might have apples.
May 17, 2003

drunky, if you got baghdad, you need to go back to elementry school and redo the math. if you multiply a number from the set 1-10, by 9, your answer will always add together to get 9... 18, 27, 36... take off 5 and you are forced every time to get 4 or D. baghdad does not start with d, nor is it a country.
Nov 06, 2004

How did this get accepted? It's not even a teaser!
Oct 11, 2005

I also thought of Dominican Republic, but my animals were the Ostrich and Chinchilla??
Nov 17, 2005

I thought of Denmark but my animal was also an Emu. This is some sort of joke thats been on the net for years. Doesn't this violate some rule of Braingle?
Dec 24, 2005

It's so obvious how this works! Any multiple of 9 when the didgits added up = 9 and 9-5 will always = 4 and d is the 4th letter in the aplphabet. Then Denmark gray elephants and orangle kangaroos are the most common - ( i agree how did this get approved???)
Dec 24, 2005

I used Djibouti, jaguar (black), and spaced on the fruit. Yes, this is an old brain teaser, from before the days of USENET, let alone the Web. The Braingle editors do sometimes approve interesting conginitive tricks.

Also, keep in mind that the editors do update the rules and standards as necessary. They rarely maintain the site by retroactively applying new standards to approved teasers -- they have better things to do with their time, such as keeping up with the backlog of submitted teasers, PMs, and other, proactive site maintenance. Considering what they get paid, I'm not complaining.
Jan 01, 2006

omgosh!! good job!! i am so scared! thats what i got!!! wow!! terrific job!!!!! write back!!!
Apr 22, 2006

dominican republic brown owl there is no teaser to this and its flawed
May 07, 2006

I had koala
Jun 26, 2006

I thought of

Dubai, White Unicorn, Tamarind Insect
Jun 28, 2006

I just sent in a correction to add a "note" in the answer. If it gets accepted you can read it.
Aug 02, 2006

I thought of an eagle..
Dec 28, 2006

Easy to outsmart

Just uses the general average. Up to the point it asks you to think of a country, it is completely controlled - anything between one and ten multiplied by nine will have one or two digits that add up to 9

I went right through it with nothing correct
Jan 27, 2008

I got Dominican Republic, ostrich, brown, cat, and apple. (Well, I wasn't quite sure what color ostriches are, but I'm pretty sure there are brown ones.)
Sep 10, 2011

I thought of Dubai. Then an urchin, although I wasn't sure what color urchins are. Then an iguana. Then a nectarine.

But then I wasn't sure if Dubai actually counted as a country.

So I went Denmark. Brown eagle. Koala apple.
Dec 18, 2011

Dec 18, 2011


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