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Odd Two Out

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#14069
Fun:**** (3.15)
Difficulty:** (1.42)
Submitted By:just_moi*****
Corrected By:chittermouse3




In this teaser, you have to find the odd ones out in the groups of words. BUT WAIT! There's a catch. Each group of words has TWO words which do not belong. Can you find them both?


Lily - Jane - Tulip - Rose

Jane does not belong as it's the only one which is not a flower.

Tulip also does not belong because it's the only one which is not a girl's name.

You're on your own for the rest!

1. Aqua - Hazel - Willow - Cherry

2. Cat - Sword - Hamster - Dog

3. Prince - Double - Queen - King


1. Aqua does not belong as it's the only one which is not a tree. Willow does not belong as it's the only one which is not a colour.

2. Sword does not belong as it's the only one which is not a family pet. Hamster does not belong as it's the only one which is not a type of fish.

3. Double does not belong as it's the only one which is not a person of royalty. Prince does not belong as it's the only one which is not a bed size.


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Aug 07, 2003

Great teaser! For number 3 I thought prince was the odd one out because it isn't on a deck of cards.
Aug 07, 2003

4 #3 I thought queen was the odd 1 because out of prince, queen, and king the queen is the only girl. But I really liked this teaser NEWayz!
Aug 09, 2003

Fun as always. Can we expect an ODD 4 out next time? smile
Aug 09, 2003

u guys... just wanted to say... i didnt make this up... i found this somewhere and thought this was just one of those teasers braingle shouldnt be without
Aug 09, 2003

Well then, thank you for supplying us with teasers so we don't have to look round ourselves! :p
Aug 16, 2003

The answer can also be hamster because the other three words can be linked to the word 'fight' ie dogfight, catfight & swordfight.
Aug 31, 2003

great one =) i also thought prince was out because it isn't involved in the card games. what is dogfish? i had better understanding with ~fight
Aug 31, 2003

this is a fun teaser. i like it. i didnt know there was such a thing as a dog fish though. for #3 i thought it was prince because there are no princes in a deck of cards, but the bed thing works too. lol. )
Sep 01, 2003

I dont understand. It seems like their are are almost an infinite number of possibilities why some of them belong and some dont belong.
(user deleted)
Sep 01, 2003

never knew there was such a thing as Dogfish...
(user deleted)
Sep 03, 2003

You mean there's no such thing as a hamster fight?! Boy am I disappointed.
Sep 06, 2003

holy god that was easy i thought there would e a trick to it or something
Sep 17, 2003

I got the first two, but I couldn't get the bed thing in the third... Pretty good, and it caused me to think!
(user deleted)
Oct 25, 2003

i got half of numbers 1 and 2 but i got the WHOLE THING of number 3. it was easy for me cuz my family's lookin for a house and we're talkin bout beds and stuff all the time. lol! i hav a king size bed...
Nov 07, 2003

Theese teasers are amazing! They inspired me to make a few of my own so I was wondering if I have your permission to make them. = yes =no LOL!
Nov 09, 2003

Ofcourse madyoni! ( = yes) Go ahead! I "borrowed" the idea from a magazine too
Nov 24, 2003

I would have excluded Dog, because he would have to be walked.
Jan 09, 2004

Grt Wrk
Jul 02, 2004

Great teaser, but I had no idea there was such thing as a Dog-Fish! But I though Prince wasn't a chess piece....But your way is good too
Jul 03, 2004

crystalstar... i found this on google: and about prince not being a chess piece... niether is double! Thanks for commenting!!!
Sep 01, 2004

You guys seem to be missing something. "Double" is not part of a chess game or deck of cards, but it is a bed size.
Sep 01, 2004

Great teaser!!!! loved it....challenging yet easy. definatly one of my favorites!
(user deleted)
Sep 09, 2004

Feb 16, 2005

i love those! keep them coming
(user deleted)
Sep 02, 2005

I liked this one.
I thought
1-Hazel because only one without two letters the same
2 Hamster--only two syllable word
Sep 02, 2005

this was interesting. I got #2 and #3 and partial of #1 right. I how did it was just by guessing. I thought of cat/dog because of they are both 3 letter words & are the most popluar pets.
Sep 02, 2005

I got the right answers immediately, but for the wrong reasons for two of the questions. I eliminated hamster because it was the only one that wasn't a carnivore and prince because it was the only one that wasn't in a suit of cards.

This was fun!
Sep 02, 2005

I think folks are eliminating the first one and then trying to eliminate the second from the remaining three. The second elimination comes from the whole group of four items, not just the remaining three. So for the posting immediately above the answers don't make sense because while a hamster is not a carnivore, neither is a sword. And while the prince is not in a deck of cards, neither is a double.

The only alternative that I've seen that makes sense is the one that says hamster because it's two syllables and hazel because all the other words have a duplicate letter.
Sep 02, 2005

By the way, I really like this one!
Sep 02, 2005

I like it!
Sep 02, 2005

For those who don't know what a dogfish is, it's a type of shark. You can do a Google search and find more.
Sep 02, 2005

I didn't catch no 2 Could not figure out what a cat had to do with a sword...then the answer made it so obvious
Sep 02, 2005

Fun and easy! Thanks!
(user deleted)
Sep 02, 2005

great teaser ialso thought queen becuase she was female and i thought hampster because it doesn't roam around free through most housholds
Sep 02, 2005

Overall the teaser was good, but I think that in the third one there is more than one answer. It could be prince because of beds and cards or queen because of the fact that queens are female.
Sep 02, 2005

Overall the teaser was good, but I think that in the third one there is more than one answer. It could be prince because of beds and cards or queen because of the fact that queens are female.
Sep 02, 2005

Sep 02, 2005

People, Queen cant be odd for being female cus 'Double' is neither male nor female. tsk-tsk.
Twas 1drfl. Loved it. Got it all nicely.
My reason for 'willow' was cus it cant b consumed. Was thinkin of water for aqua.
Sep 02, 2005

CUTE TEASER! i loved it! i got 2 and 3 right, but i though 1 was...hold on
Sep 02, 2005

i thought 1 was aqua and hazel, the two that werent a type of wwod. but hazel IS a wood.
Sep 02, 2005

Sorry, Just Moi, I got this one right away ... but then, I am a WORD NUT. Still, it was fun.
Sep 02, 2005

Very entertaining ! I got 2-1/2 right and was proud of it!
Sep 02, 2005

Great job! I missed the first one, I thought because they had no tails ! But the rest I got!! Keep them coming!!
Sep 02, 2005

I thought it was absolutely great, fun & INFORMATIVE. Look how many people learned something! I didn't know hazel was a tree - just the color of my eyes.

Personally I read these every day but don't comment everyday, so I just want to THANK ALL OF YOU who TAKE THE TIME to come up with this amusing & thought provoking stuff for the rest of us to enjoy - or all too often criticize.
Sep 02, 2005

That was EASY!
Sep 02, 2005

Excellent, excellent, excellent- I love it! I got most of them right too! It's one of my favorites!!!
(user deleted)
Sep 02, 2005

I got all the odds right, but for different reasons.
Sep 02, 2005

Very nice...I thought this was a great teaser! Keep em comin!
Sep 02, 2005

Actually Tulip can be a name... but cute teaser anyway
Sep 02, 2005

It was fun
Sep 02, 2005

Either I'm getting 2 good at these word games or this was wayyyy too easy !!! Plus there was more than one reason for the right answer. For #1, you elimate AQUA because its not a girls name and you can eliminate WILLOW because its not a food item. . I still enjoyed playing it though Have a nice holiday weekend !!!
Sep 02, 2005

Judging from all the comments you made a lot of people think. And that's what it's all about.
Sep 02, 2005

It had me fooled on a couple but it was fun good job
(user deleted)
Sep 02, 2005

What the hell was that? We're not four years old....
Sep 02, 2005

it was fun but yet hard at the same time.
Sep 02, 2005

Good fun.Nice clean riddle.Keep on.
Sep 02, 2005

Amazing teaser! Keep making ones like this!
Sep 02, 2005

Yes, very nice teaser, I liked the concept of finding two wrong words instead of just one. I was able to get the first one right and half of the next two, but I just couldn't make the connection with the beds and the fish; then I read the answer and I was like "Why didn't I think of that?"
Sep 02, 2005

cool 1. i thought #2 was hampster but because it was the only one with more than one vowel. at least i still got it right!!!!
Sep 02, 2005

great 1 !!! i got 1 and 2, but not three! that was a good one!
Sep 02, 2005

That was sweet!! I got them all. Awesome job!!!
Sep 02, 2005

(user deleted)
Sep 03, 2005

Cool teaser i had alot of fun figuring it out!
Sep 05, 2005

that was really fun don't listen to the persons who made the comment right before me
Sep 09, 2005

Cool, i only missed the aqua and but i got all the rest except most were for the wrong reasons!
Sep 09, 2005

Cool, i only missed the aqua and but i got all the rest except most were for the wrong reasons!
Oct 11, 2005

good one
Nov 29, 2005

Tulip can actually be a girls name .
Sep 02, 2006

Yay!got it right,good teaser!*goes and tells friends*
Sep 02, 2006

Very nice one! Clever.
Sep 02, 2006

lady thing is stupid...

great one i liked it
Sep 02, 2006

Stimulating and Enjoyable - TWO words, which do belong to describe this teaser.
Sep 02, 2006

hey, i got all three i am amazed at myself.

this is a great teaser i loved it
Sep 02, 2006

Very Clever. I got the first one of all three ...but didn't get any of the second ones.
Sep 02, 2006

Wicked teaser, Just Moi

I get them all except the tye of bed part of number 3.

Keep em coming
Sep 02, 2006

Good one! It was much harder than many people thought, especially the "four years old" person, who I bet didnt even do all three. MagicBanker hit it right, people thought that for many there was more than one answer becoz they were taking one out of four, then taking one out of three words, and what you have to do is take one out of four, then put it back and take another one out of those four, makes a big diff. And, I got no. three wrong becoz I was thinking that Queen and Prince were bands or musicians, which at least no one else noticed, but "double" isnt either, but I had already taken double out! So, thanks MagicBanker for clearing that up. I think though there should be a note about that in the instructions, becoz so many people didn't understand that.

Thanks, really good. Oh, btw: the "Tulip" as girl's name and "Hamster" has two syllables are correct, so there are more than one right answer for some of them.
Sep 02, 2006

I thought this teaser was great!! Had to get the thinking juices flowing!
Sep 02, 2006

The puzzle is harder than meets the eye. Although, I enjoyed this one...and that is does get the juices going in the morning, some of the answers could be knocked out for a different one. Because of different reasoning abilities, one could reason a different answer for each one. I still enjoyed the magnificent teaser, but some parameters should be set. WTG!
Sep 02, 2006

Very, very good teaser. Let's have more of these. I couldn't help noticing that many folks are trying to justify their WRONG answers though.
Sep 02, 2006

I have to ditto Marschie's comment and agree with Musikman. This teaser was more than meets the eye. Good, no this was a great teaser.
Sep 02, 2006

I enjoyed this one. Saw so many possibilities that I wasn't sure my answers were correct...but thats what Teasers are supposed to do. Entertain us and get us thinking.
Sep 02, 2006

I like the default answers better than mine. I chose Aqua out, because it could not be made into a fruit spread. Queen and double out becase neither of them can become king. Weird?
Sep 02, 2006

this is pretty fun
Sep 02, 2006

I got all of them except for the bed size. I thought the fish one was way clever. nice job!
Sep 02, 2006

Didn't get them all but it was a great puzzle. I like the outcome. Never thought about the swordfish or the bed sizes. Guess I only got 1. It did enjoy it though and found it to be a different sort of puzzle.
Sep 02, 2006

I picked number cherry for #1 instead of willow because it is the only object of the four that produces fruit that is good for human consumption. The others i got right partly by guessing: i ruled out sword in #2 and double in #3 for the right reason, but guessed on prince and hamster and got them right.

As for the deck of cards, could it be that people are mistaking a "Double" for a deuce?
Sep 02, 2006

I agree with Luvupurple. I chose Queen as the odd one because it was the only one who not male. In this case, we are both right.
Sep 02, 2006

This was new for me. Only one I thought sword was a fish. but, I will enjoy more of these. Thanks.
Sep 02, 2006

Got 1 and 3 BUT DOGFISH???? It was still fun.
(user deleted)
Sep 02, 2006

I thought the prince, queen king one was queen and king, because they are both parts of a deck of cards. Fun though, once I got the hang of it!
Sep 03, 2006

I really liked this puzzle, it was pretty easy, but made me think just enough. Some people seem to have trouble with how to do it, so maybe you should include an instruction booklet. sorry that was rude of me...
(user deleted)
Sep 03, 2006

could be hamster because it is the only multysyllabic word
Sep 04, 2006

Nice one... I got it all out in about 8 seconds though
Sep 04, 2006

very nice!
Sep 05, 2006

You did a great job with this teaser. I did pretty well myself, but missed part of #2 so great job. More please?
Sep 05, 2006

You did a great job with this teaser. I did pretty well myself, but missed part of #2 so great job. More please?
Sep 05, 2006

Sorry for the double post - sticky button
Sep 05, 2006

Good one!
Sep 05, 2006

nice one....the second part was a lot harder for me
Sep 09, 2006

Sep 13, 2006

Awesome! I enjoyed this, even when I was kicking myself about not realizing the fishy thing. I am not going to attempt to justify that my choice of Hamster "because it's multisyllabic" is correct! I'm content with my 2/3 (or 5/6, yeah!)
Mar 29, 2007

Great teaser.
May 25, 2007

yay! that was amazing!
Jun 06, 2007

Whew! Actually got 'em.
Jul 21, 2009

For those of you who were wondering, a dogfish is a type of small shark.
Sep 03, 2009

Most enjoyable - thanks for supplying it. Got them!
Sep 03, 2009

Didn't care for this because there are too many answers, so it really doesn't represent that much of a challenge, IMHO.
It's ok if the instructions were to say, "there's more than one answer for each."
Even then, I was able to think of several different answers for each right away.
But that's just my opinion.
Sep 03, 2009

thought "prince" was out because of bed size
Sep 03, 2009

I got them all as well, but I had to think a bit on number two with the fish.
Just like to point out that, for those that play bridge, double is used pretty often though it isn't a card.
Sep 03, 2009

One great teaser I've encountered in a while!
Sep 03, 2009

Your example was poor as I know two women named Tulip.
Sep 03, 2009

I loved the concept, but the answers were too ambiguous. There were too many different combinations and too many reasons.
Sep 03, 2009

#2: Simply, Hamster doesn't belong because it is two syllables. Also, I'm not sure I'd call Cherry a color. Other than that, I love these types of teasers.
Sep 03, 2009

V. Good Idea, I like it.
Sep 03, 2009

Sep 03, 2009

Yay I got them right! (Although I thought it was cause of something else like I thought Hamster was out cause the first letter isn't swirlish.. lol)
But ANYWAYS! Great to get the morning juices flowing xD
Sep 03, 2009

This teaser is so worn out. It's been around way too long.
Sep 03, 2009

should I say it.......
Sep 03, 2009

I liked the twist to this one. Great job.
Sep 03, 2009

very fun teaser. i almost got every one. i missed the prince one, though. i thought prince was the odd one because it wasn't a high place of royalty........
Sep 03, 2009

The bed part of #3 got me, but the rest were kinda easy. Very fun quiz, I would love to see some more.
Sep 05, 2009

I loved this quiz - very clever.

Hi Auntie Sis!
Apr 18, 2012

Tulip is a girl's name, there is an Indian actress with that name google it.
Sep 04, 2012

Very clever and also fun! I got some but not all. Well I got two right, and half of the other two.
The person above me a couple of lines is correct! Tulip is a girls name. Many many years ago there used to be a show with a girl on it named Tulip! You young ones would not remember though
Sep 04, 2012

I got all the answers, but for different reasons.

Hamster is not a kind of fight (cat fight, sword fight, dog fight)

Prince isn't something you'd hear in a game of Bridge (Queen and King are cards and you can Double if you're confident the other team won't make it)

Great puzzle!
Sep 04, 2012

In theory it was a good concept, Though I would agree with the others who said there are too many possible answers. You can eliminate any word in any of the questions for one reason or another.
Sep 04, 2012

I agree that there were many ways to eliminate. What happened to Auntie Sis and Wordmama? And GW, you have been pretty hidden also.
Sep 04, 2012

While I don't usually object to the same puzzles being used more than once, this one was used nine times. Surely that is overdoing it a tad.
Sep 04, 2012

i agree tulip is a name and I didn't know hamster was a fish either. It was hard, some were easy (2) and the other two were hard but I guess that is because I got 2 out of 2.
Sep 04, 2012

It was a clever quiz and the people who gave answers are very good at solving makes us think.
Sep 04, 2012

boy did i mess up my answers. geez what a dufus i am

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