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Same Room Different Place

Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


Puzzle ID:#14219
Fun:*** (2.76)
Difficulty:** (1.24)
Submitted By:luvupurpleA****
Corrected By:horse_luver




A man walks into a room, turns around and walks out the same door he went in. When he gets out he is in a different room than when he started. How is this possible?

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Aug 12, 2003

Wow, got me.
Aug 12, 2003

It's like the top movie 'Murder by Death'. Very good!
Aug 12, 2003

But is an elevator really a room? I got it, but just wondering.
Aug 13, 2003

I am not exactly sure if an elevator is defined as a room, but that's what makes it a little bit tougher.
Aug 13, 2003

I thought it was a great teaser.
Aug 16, 2003

How about walking into a revolving restaurant?
Sep 12, 2003

I thought of the same thing that jimbo thought of.
Oct 01, 2003

my boyfriend is an dummy and said the room was turning.
Oct 16, 2003

So Cool.
Oct 19, 2003

Come on people, how easy was this one??? It took me like 10 seconds. But I was a little usure about an elevator being a room though...
Sep 09, 2004

It could be train as well.
Dec 04, 2004

I gueesed a revolving door with four exits, they aren't hard to find
Aug 14, 2007

I thought lift but I think train and airliner also work. A train carriage is much more like a room than a lift is imho.
Aug 14, 2007

Or if the man was an AD&D character, it could have been a moving, shifting, rotating or teleporting room, the door could have been a portal, or he might have just been on another plane where these things are perfectly normal... [end nerd rant]
Dec 02, 2010

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