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Air Force One

Trivia brain teasers have some element of trivia in them, but they are not just pure trivia questions.


Puzzle ID:#14531
Fun:*** (2.7)
Difficulty:** (1.71)
Submitted By:ultimateguild*
Corrected By:MarcM1098




The President of the United States is flying on a private plane to Andrews Air Force Base to jump on his jumbo jet to fly to California. Currently the speed of the plane he is in is traveling at 250 nautical MPH and he is currently 500 nautical miles from Andrews Air Force Base. It will take approximately 5 mins for him to switch planes and 5 mins to gain clearance for takeoff. Taking all of this into consideration. How long will it take for The President of The United States to be airborne aboard Air Force One?

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Sep 04, 2003

An interesting bit of trivia, even for a non-American.
Sep 06, 2003

pretty good
Oct 02, 2003

Nice one.
Oct 02, 2003

Should probably be in the trick section, although it is a good teaser
Oct 23, 2003

Wow im impressed with myself! I actually knew this because we just studied it in Civics!! Nice teaser
Feb 10, 2004

good one, there!!!
Apr 28, 2005

I guess I got it right out of pure dumbness...I figured that it was only called air force one because of the pres... so I got a bit lost. I got it right but didn't realize it
May 19, 2005

Actually the president always travels in a helicopter, known as "Marine One", on the way to Andrews to board his modified 747, "Air Force One". The teaser is still good, though, since all planes that he is on are called "Air Force One".
Oct 01, 2005

I don't know much about them but, google sure helped. Keep them rollin'.
Nov 19, 2005

The definition of an easy question is one to which you know the answer; I did know this!
Jan 01, 2006

Tricky tricky tricky...
Oct 19, 2006

The two famous jumbo jets are actually known as Angel One and Angel Two.

As the answer stated, whichever airplane bears the current PotUS is designated the Air Force One "call sign" by air traffic control. Similarly it's Air Force Two for the Vice President. Marine One etc applies for the helicopters.

Very good trivia!

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