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Alien Ambassadors

Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


Puzzle ID:#14796
Fun:*** (2.23)
Difficulty:*** (2.91)
Submitted By:MerconiumMax***
Corrected By:cnmne




The boffins from NASA have received and decoded a digital message from the Galactic Council, informing them that four alien ambassadors from the solar system are due to visit Earth in the next 24 hours. The aliens are Agurgle from Uranus, Wym-Inar from Venus, ChimChim from Pluto and Mr. Arthur Johnson from Saturn. 24 hours later, they receive a mystery message saying that if any alien comes off the ship that is green, tentacled and slimy, then they are actually an undercover assassin from Neptune. By then, however, the aliens have all landed and are in adjacent decontamination booths, waiting to be let in to NASA Headquarters. One alien turns out to be green, tentacled and slimy!
From the clues below, who is the Neptunian Assassin?

1) Wym-Inar from Venus is the only ambassador in a booth next to exactly one tentacled alien.

2). Two of the ambassadors who are not green, are each in booths next to Agurgle from Uranus.

3) ChimChim from Pluto is the only ambassador not in a booth next to exactly one Un-slimy alien.

Who do the NASA boffins not let out of the booth?

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Sep 27, 2003

It all works out and it's very creative, I like it but it's a bit too complicated, good one though. :C)
Sep 27, 2003

Very boring but work harder.
Oct 01, 2003

You can't beat a good Uranus pun! lol
Oct 30, 2003

The Alien Ambassadors teaser is a pretty good one. I think you might have spent a bit too much time writing the answer.

This is one of the most complicated teasers I have read.
Jul 15, 2004

The answer is WRONG, or rather it's incomplete. Here's another scenario:

Wym-Inar[not green, not tentacled, slimy]; Agurg[GREEN, TENTACLED and SLIMY]; Arthur J[not green, not tentacled, not slimy]; Chim Chim[?, tentacled, not slimy].

As one can see the rules still fit: Wym-Inar is the only one next to EXACTLY ONE tentacled alien (Agurgle and Chim Chim are next to zero, Arthur J is next to two). The two ambassadors next to Agurgle are green. And Chim Chim is the only one not in a booth next to EXACTLY ONE un-slimy alien (Arthur J is next to Chim Chim who is not slimy and Agurgle who is slimy; Agurgle is next to Arthur J who is not slimy and Wym-Inar who is slimy; Wym-Inar is only next to Agurgle who is slimy).
May 11, 2005

pschnaz17, your scenario doesn't work. "Chim Chim is the only one not in a booth next to EXACTLY ONE un-slimy alien." In your scenario, Chim Chim IS next to exactly one un-slimy alien (but he shouldn't be). Also, Wym-Inar is only next to Agurgle who is slimy, but Wym-Imar needs to be next to exactly one un-slimy alien.
Nov 08, 2005

Oookay. i don't know how it happened but I got the answer. I guessed it correctly
Mar 22, 2006

I really liked that you took the time to explain how you come to a conclusion.

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