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Maria's Age

Math brain teasers require computations to solve.


Puzzle ID:#1551
Fun:*** (2.49)
Difficulty:** (1.72)
Submitted By:gokaran***
Corrected By:cnmne




Maria doesn't like to tell people her real age. When somebody asks her how old she is, she says that she is twenty-one. (Maria mentally omits all Sundays because on Sundays she doesn't work, so she claims she doesn't get any older.)

How old is Maria really?

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Maria could be either 24 or 25. She subtracted one-seventh of her real age.

If she were actually 24.5 years old, she could claim that she was 21 (24.5 * 6/7 = 21).

If she were actually 25.6 years old, she could also claim that she was 21 (25.6 * 6/7 = 21.9 (rounded)).


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Dec 03, 2001

If you subtract one seventh from 24 it wouldn't be 21 because three isn't one seventh of 24. She should say 18 when her real age is 21.
Dec 12, 2001

The comment above doesn't make any sense because if she loses a day every week, her age would havt to be higher, not lower which is impossible.
(user deleted)
Dec 31, 2001

Sam1234 is right that 3 is not 1/7 of 24, it is however 1/7 of 21. To find her actual age, you need to multiply 21 by 7/6, which would be 24.5
(user deleted)
Dec 31, 2001

By the way, if the age she claimed she was actually 21 3/7, she we be 25 in reality. Either way Maria needs to go back to school.
Apr 12, 2002

Just because her week got shorter dosen't mean there were less weeks in a year so she really is 21
Jul 25, 2002

Maria is somewhere between 24.5 (7/6ths of 21) and 25.6 (7/6ths of 22)
Aug 12, 2002

ok maria would still technically be 21 years old even if she removed sundays from her years since she does not work on sundays which would mean that her life year was on the typical year 313 days not including the leap years where it would be 314 days so in all technical terms she is 6579 days old (this includes 6 leap years) in your figures, but still 21 years old.
Feb 01, 2003

forget it yall, maria has mental problems and needs to see a psychiatrist!!!
May 19, 2006

I got the age 24 simply by multiplying 52(sundays in a year) by 21 and added 5 more days to account for leap years. that comes out as 1097 which when divided by 365 gives 3 years.
Feb 08, 2009

As dewtell says, 7/6 * 22 > age >= 7/6 * 21

Not much teaser there.

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