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X is a Y

Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


Puzzle ID:#1555
Fun:*** (2.11)
Difficulty:** (1.87)
Submitted By:sam7630**
Corrected By:Omaha345




An X is a Y, but a Y is not an X.

Replace X and Y with words to make the sentence make sense.

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Dec 02, 2001

That way there could be many solutions..
1.A rhombus is a quadrilateral but a quadrilateral is not a rhombus
Similarly many pairs like
Square - Quadrilateral
Rectangle - Quadrilateral
Isoscles Triangle-Triangle
Equilateral Triangle-Triangle
Right Triangle-Triangle
..and lot more
Jun 09, 2005

I learned ALL of thoose in the fifth grade!
Mar 05, 2006

Also, a square is a rectangle, but a rectangle is not NECESSARILY a square. That is, it can be one.
Apr 29, 2006

Wrong category. Geometry can involve computation, but all I see in this teaser is definition.
Sep 05, 2006

Good one, but I agree that there are MANY answers to this.
Sep 14, 2006

math isnt even necessary. along the same lines of Y is not necessarily X - a spoon is a utensil but a utensil is not (necessarily) a spoon. or any inclusive thing to a larger group. the list goes on and on.
Jul 01, 2008

I agree, the question wasn't phrased very well...
Jun 29, 2011

the teaser was not phrased properly.anything could stand for X and Y.

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