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Fall and Break

Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Puzzle ID:#15938
Fun:*** (2.98)
Difficulty:*** (2.21)
Submitted By:catsrfun37****
Corrected By:Shadows




I break, she falls. I break, she falls. Who am I, and who is she?


I am day, and she is night.

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Dec 30, 2003

I enjoyed this teaser!
Dec 30, 2003

very creative riddle! I like it!
Dec 31, 2003

i loved it.. it was fantastic...
Jan 03, 2004

V. good!
Jan 06, 2004

You should say "it" falls not "she," otherwise it's incorrect. I spent a lot of time thinking about ice skaters and animals, things that have gender. Is your native language french?
Jan 19, 2004

That is creative as the day is a masculine and night is feminine.
Mar 15, 2004

I liked it alot. It was a fun teaser.
Jul 28, 2010

very clever.. didnt get it at all.. was thinking too much like the 'cradle will break, the baby will fall' nursery rhyme.. silly billy bear..
Jul 28, 2010

Very very good!

I thought "I" was a mirror and "she" was glass, lol!
Jul 28, 2010

Almost poetic! Simple and strong. Thanks!
Jul 28, 2010

Since when is day male, and night female? Good quiz,but poor terminology.
Jul 28, 2010

Objectively speaking, not enough information to draw a conclusion from ... I give it an O for obtuse.
Jul 28, 2010

But I agree that cats are fun.
Jul 28, 2010

The way it is written implies that day breaking causes night to fall. Sorry, but I don't like this one.
Jul 28, 2010

Nice, but I thought it was a sidewalk and she was someone's mom.

That sidewalk breaks (a crack), then someone steps on it, and she (their mother) falls.

Jul 28, 2010

I was thinking: Jack fell down & broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after. repeat
Jul 28, 2010

First I thought of a wave breaking and a water fall. Then I got it! I liked this teaser.
Jul 28, 2010

Yes, I'm afraid both the use of "who" and ascribing gender to intangibles was misleading, unless you are indeed a native European speaker, in which case the genders are somewhat understandable. Otherwise....

My compliments to the poster in front of me who got it!!
Jul 28, 2010

it was boring
Jul 28, 2010

I think there are too many possibilities for this teaser.
Jul 28, 2010

There may be a lot of other answers for this teaser, but it's creative how the night is a girl. And I got it right!
Jul 28, 2010

The gender thing threw only thought was the bough breaking and a cradle falling.
Jul 28, 2010

I thought of Jack and Jill too.
Jul 29, 2010

That was fun - even if I got the answer wrong! I thought of the wind and a sail. If the wind blows, the sail stays up, but if it breaks the sail falls. Oh well.
Jul 29, 2010

I was thinking of a woman and the heels of her shoes
Jul 29, 2010

Doehead, the idea that day is masculine and night is feminine goes back at least to the ancient Egyptians, and was passed on to the Greeks, where Apollo was the god of the sun, or day, and Selene was the goddess of the moon, or night. The problem with inferring, in this puzzle, that the day is masculine, is that one must suppose that the speaker, "I," is a man, when the speaker might well be a woman.
Oct 07, 2011

Very poetic!
Jul 28, 2013

ThIs was a Ho Hum one! I loved the person's thought of the cradle breaking and the baby falls. That made a lot more sense.
Jul 28, 2013

I thought of Rock a Bye Baby, too - "when the bough breaks, the cradle will fall". I liked this teaser - thanks for posting!
Jul 28, 2013

Though I too found the ascribing of gender to the words a bit misleading, as was pointed out by someone else, in certain languages (French, German, Spanish, and Latin to name but a few) words have gender (or are neutral) so it could be a translation issue.

Like others, I was also thinking of Rock-a-bye-Baby then I thought London Bridge but couldn't think of what broke to make the bridge fall.
Jul 28, 2013

I know that people say that there is a man in the moon, buy I never heard that night was female. Of course we know that all the female witches come out at night!!!
Jul 28, 2013

I thought it had something to do with waves breaking and the ocean (water) falling back....I enjoyed all the possibilities this creative bunch has!
Jul 28, 2013

I also thought of Jack and Jill.
Jul 28, 2013

This one was easy for me. I'm surprised most people rate it difficult, since I usually am not very good at figuring them out! At first I was thinking egg shells/egg yolks, but then I got it. "Break" and "fall" are the key words (daybreak/nightfall), along with the cyclic repetition.
Jul 28, 2013

I got dawn and dusk, but it's the same thing. Nice teaser; I do like the creative license taken with "she."
Jul 28, 2013

I went with bough and baby, I think using "she " misleads! Use of IT........ is correct, and it lets a PROPER reasoning trail
Jul 29, 2013

The only thing that confused me was why is it necessary to repeat the phrase?
Jul 30, 2013

She's a lady and you are her shoe
Aug 03, 2013

@elentir: The phrase is repeated because the action is repeated....over and over and over and over and over again. Oh yeah I forgot, and over again.

(and over again)
Jul 28, 2016

Good one...but a lot a possible answers that fit. Mine was that I am her leg or ankle...and when I break, she falls. Or her crutch, after she has broken her leg.
Jul 28, 2016

The duplication reminded me of "Sunrise Sunset, Sunrise Sunset" Unfortunately, not until after I saw the answer. Perhaps a musical reference in the title or clue would have helped.

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