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Ice it Up

Science brain teasers require understanding of the physical or biological world and the laws that govern it.


Puzzle ID:#15994
Fun:*** (2.77)
Difficulty:** (1.85)
Submitted By:curtiss82*****




Bob, an orange grower new to the industry, heard on the news that there was a forecast of freezing temperature for the low next morning. He hadn't picked his oranges yet because it was too early in the season and he was worried that he would lose everything. It seemed that he was doomed. John, a worker of his who was still in high school, came up with a plan. He told Bob that he learned of a way to protect his crops from freezing. All he needed was access to the watering hose. What did John do?

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Jan 04, 2004

Interesting teaser! It makes sense, and so my question is: Do orange growers really do this? Just curious. Oh, and fun teaser!
Jan 04, 2004

As far as I know this is a technique used to protect crops. In high school, my physical science book had an article in each chapter talking about various stuff that was covered in the chapter. One article described that orange growers spray their oranges with water when temperatures got below freezing.
(user deleted)
Jan 05, 2004

How did you come up with that teaser or any other teaser ever created by you.
Jan 05, 2004

My teasers come from experience. Most of my teasers get rejected because they are too complicated.
Jan 05, 2004

They don't get rejected because they are too complicated. If they are rejected it is because some times we are unable to confirm the facts. It would be unwise to accept a teaser with out being able to at least check its validity.
Jan 05, 2004

Very well said Mad-Ade. Having teasers be reviewed, edited, and sometimes rejected really is in the best interest of this site. A look at some of the older teasers on the site confirms this. Oh, and let me say that of all the brainteaser websites I've encountered, this is by far the best--both in terms of content and design.
Jan 05, 2004

It is true that this technique is used to protect orchards...oranges, apples, pears. Good work.
Jan 06, 2004

Good one. I learned something! The "access to the water hose" kinda gave it away though. Maybe this would have been better in teh hint. (Something to think of for next time)
(user deleted)
Jan 07, 2004

So, does this work because oranges have thick skins? It seems that having ice on them would harm the oranges. But then I'm not a farmer, and you guys seem to know what you're talking about.
Jan 12, 2004

I figured he would have just let them freeze to make frozen O.J .
Jan 12, 2005

That was good. I knew about this already, since I'm from Florida. We don't get many freezes, but when we do, it's all over the news. lol. Farmers spraying plants with water on the news.
Aug 18, 2005

I have known about the spraying of orange trees since I was a kid so this one was pretty easy. But if you want to make it a bit harder than think about what would happen if they sprayed salt water on the fruit instead.
Sep 21, 2005

Then it would freeze at a lower temperature and would probably freeze the fruit.
Nov 19, 2005

didnt no that, so i learned something fun teaser.

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