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Horses and Donkeys

Mystery teasers are little stories where you need to figure out what happened based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#16528
Fun:*** (2.24)
Difficulty:* (0.86)
Submitted By:BulletThruDaHedAgb*!
Corrected By:Winner4600




One day, a farmer decides to put his five donkeys and five horses together in the same field to save space. He moves the animals into the empty field and leaves them with plenty of grass and hay to eat and water to drink.

One year later, he decides to move the animals back into separate fields; but after moving the horses and the donkeys out, he finds that as well as himself, there is still one animal left in the field. During the year, no animal moved in or out of the field, so what is this extra animal and where has it come from?

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Feb 16, 2004

that was super easy
Feb 17, 2004

What's to say the remaining animal wasn't the offspring of a male horse and female horse, or of a male and female donkey (jack and jennet, respectively), or of a male horse and female donkey (which would result in a hinny rather than a mule)?
Feb 19, 2004

what if there were only males or only females all over the place? then there would be no offspring at all, right? the man would be the animal, i guess?

good one....people would not think of a mule or hinny.....they are not very common. sure, it teased me a bit.
Feb 19, 2004

the where as it come from question is , so easy my child got it, as for what the other animal was, that isn't a question that has one obvious answer, as there are 4 possibilities. to say there is another animal, that is neither a horse nor a donkey, would have at least narrowed it down to 2.
Feb 23, 2004

the teaser says that he moves all the donkeys and horses out of the field so only 2 possibilities remain
Feb 23, 2004

no i Won't turn around but i will post this message 'HIIII'!!
Feb 23, 2004

please do!
Jun 08, 2004

Jul 16, 2004

It was really easy... but otherwise it was fine
Oct 14, 2004

somebody needs some hooked on phonics
Nov 29, 2004

Could have been a horse or donkey also. Nothing stipulated the animals were of any particular sex.
Dec 18, 2004

It could also be a squirel, or the guy's moma, or even a fly... may be an alien that was making sexual experiments with animals... there are not enough clues.
Jan 28, 2005

tOo EaSy!
Feb 28, 2005

I thought it was pretty easy personally, but clever just the same. Bravo
Mar 04, 2005

Got that one! Never heard of a hinny though. Thanx readers.
Jul 12, 2005

I thought the farmer had 10 fields in total.
After puting them all in the same field he had 9 empty fields.
When he put the animals back in the 9 empty fields there was 1 left in the field they were sharing
Jul 29, 2005

whoa whew!
Sep 28, 2005

Nov 16, 2005

Yee haaaa
May 31, 2006

got it
May 31, 2006

got it
Nov 30, 2007

Why couldn't it be a baby horse?
Dec 31, 2007

My first thought was "It must be a honkey!" lol I didn't think of mule.
Jan 30, 2008

WOW!!! That was so easy!!! PLz put something more challenging in there!!
Jun 05, 2009

Jul 08, 2009

i liked it but there were too many possiblities for the answer, it could have said something about how it wasn't another horse or donkey
Jun 27, 2010

easy peasy!
Nov 06, 2012

I got mule right off the bat, didn't occur to me that it could be a hinny, and even as I got mule I held out the possiblity of just a baby horse.
If this were in trick I would have expected it to be maybe a fallen bird, or suirrel or something.
Jan 22, 2015

Way too easy.

For everyone saying there are too many possibilities — it says the extra animal was discovered *after* he moved all the horses and donkeys out. Any horse or donkey foals would be part of that group.

However, it does seem to imply that he didn't find any extra other than the mule, which is confusing. And as others have pointed out, it could have been a hinny.
Nov 08, 2016

He left ten valuable animals in a field for a whole year and didn't check on them once? I don't know any farmers that trusting and/or optimistic.

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