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Bubbly Universe

Science brain teasers require understanding of the physical or biological world and the laws that govern it.


Puzzle ID:#16700
Fun:*** (2.35)
Difficulty:*** (2.5)
Submitted By:JakeAadminus*mod!!!




In a universe with the same physical laws, but which is mostly water with little bubbles in it, do the bubbles attract, repel, or what?

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(user deleted)
Feb 24, 2004

So, if the bubbles attracted, wouldn't they just all merge? Or why wouldn't they expand into each other anyway, since there'd be way less pressure in space. I didn't follow the point of this one.
Feb 24, 2004

Feb 25, 2004

Jake, did anybody read this or did you just go ahead and approve it yourself. It absolutely makes no sense.
Mar 01, 2004

You need to re-think your answer - what force caused/causes the bubbles ? If there is nothing agitating the water and causing bubbles to re-form continually, the controlling factor is the incompressibility of the water, which will cause the bubbles to coalesce. The water, a much denser medium, will have the greater gravitic attraction pulling its molecules together, negating any forces acting on the bubbles -

You're looking at the wrong ingredient here,
Don't think of the bubbles, consider the beer!
Jun 27, 2004

i can sum this all up in one word: WHAT!?!?
May 11, 2005

erm... yeah sure ok... i got the answer but that was just odd
Jun 02, 2005

Wouldn't the force of the bubble trying to escape (floating to the top) be greater than any attraction bubble to bubble. Can we have a scientist look at this one.
Jul 22, 2005

Huh?? Can someone take a second look at this answer, please?? It makes no sense.
Jul 25, 2005

you must be high!
Nov 27, 2005

that makes no sense
Sep 30, 2006

it was logical enough for me
Dec 20, 2006

So many sensible laws must be suspended, there is no making sense of those which are left! It seems to me a universe of water would rapidly become a black hole.
Feb 22, 2007

I hate to break it to you, but you ppls obviously don't get what's in several books!
Oct 01, 2009

Unless the cosmolgical constant was much higher than our own, such a universe would have collapsed seconds after its birth. The bubbles would have a similar effect.

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