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The Great Canoe Race

Mystery teasers are little stories where you need to figure out what happened based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#16826
Fun:*** (2.92)
Difficulty:** (2.04)
Submitted By:od-1Aca****
Corrected By:luckypuppy




It was a gorgeous summer's day on the scenic shores of Honeymoon Lake in Ontario Canada. Mr. Od-1 had just bought a new $300 canoe and took it to his yacht club to go for a paddle around the bay. As he was paddling around he was nearly run over by Bob, one of his employees, who had just bought a new 58 ft twin engine Sea Ray Sun Sport.
"Hey, sorry about that Boss but I didn't see you in that little dinghy. You really should spend some of your millions and upgrade a little. I got this boat for a steal at only $7,500,000."
Mr. Od-1 smiled as he looked up at the luxury speedboat and laughed. "Ya, nice, but you couldn't beat me in a race across the bay with that thing."
"Good joke Sir," replied Bob.
"I'm not joking. If you win I'll give you 4 extra weeks of vacation, but if I win I get your boat for 4 weeks."
Bob thought for a moment and said, "You with your canoe and me with my boat, I know you're up to something but I figure it's worth a shot to have 8 weeks of time off."
"Good," exclaimed Mr.Od-1 and asked the man to take out his PDA. He announced the date, causing Bob to grimace.
Both men and a large crowd of onlookers showed up on the appointed date to see the spectacle. Mr.Od-1 beat Bob fairly easily without cheating or even breaking a sweat. Mr.Od-1 smiled as he marched victoriously back to the clubhouse with his canoe.

How did Od-1 beat a luxury speedboat with a $300 canoe?

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(user deleted)
Mar 08, 2004

What's that saying about never taking a bet when it seems like a sure thing? Fun teaser!
(user deleted)
Mar 08, 2004

That was a good teaser!! It was funny too.
Mar 08, 2004

i thought Mr. Od-1 was thinking about the sand bar that would have prevented his employee from making it to the opposite shore. i like your solution.
Mar 08, 2004

ha! u make funny! good teaser
Mar 08, 2004

Great Teaser... But a little closer to a Trick T OD
Mar 22, 2004

Nice one.
May 16, 2004

great teaser..i though maybe the boss scheduled the race for a day on which bob had to work and then he could race! i liked ur answer better!
Oct 17, 2004

Do you honestly think the employee would ever try to sail on ice? This teacher is just cheap...
Nov 29, 2004

Ha! I got that one! February gave it away, especially here in Canada . Nice teaser!
Dec 24, 2004

what happened to a gorgeous summer day
Jan 03, 2005

not enough info.....
Mar 06, 2005

I thought that once he announced the race the lake would be so congested with onlookers on their boats that Mr. OD-1 would just shimmy in and out of the traffic. Never thought of the date being in February! Nice one!
May 29, 2005

canada doesnt have summer in february....but good one nonetheless
Jun 17, 2005

I too thought the lake would be too congested for the big boat to get through it whereas the canoe could shimmy trhough the congestion. And I think you should mention the date he picked so that there's not as many other possibilities.
Jun 19, 2005

You say that the boss belongs to a yacht club, and I assumed a member must have a real boat, not just a canoe. Sooo, I thought the boss just used his normal boat in the race, because it didn't say anything about him racing in the canoe. His boat would probably be better than Bob's because he's got more money to spend.

Obviously, I didn't get your answer!
Jun 23, 2005

totally got lost. didnt even think of the FEBURARY clue. but it was fun anyways
Oct 16, 2005

there was not enough information for some but for others it was plenty. Maybe if you dded just a bit more info, it'd be a good all round joke!
p.s. try out my website: to learn more about tamagotchis!
Oct 20, 2005

Good one! I got it once I noticed the location.
Nov 14, 2005

Gosh I love these so many different answers- I missed the Feb thing but thought that he just hooked his canoe to the big boat and was able to unhook and get closer to shore where he would be the first across the lake!!!
Dec 18, 2005

you know, it could have been that the lake was too shallow for a luxury boat to go across, but just fine for a canoe

by the way, you spelled "were" wrong in the answer
(user deleted)
Jan 18, 2006

I thoght that the boss picked a day when bob had to work
May 26, 2006

Good one.
May 31, 2006

Good, i guess, but what happened to the gorgeous summer day? Can someone please explain?
Jun 29, 2006

Nice teaser! Can anyone else imagine being in Bob's shoes and this happening? I'd certainly be ticked off...
Sep 27, 2006

uh cant be in feburary with the lake frozen because it said in the beginning that it was a gorgeous SUMMERS day
u could do better
Sep 12, 2007

A mystery requires the clues to be available in the text of the story... this failed.

1. Beginning of story explains it is a "gorgeous summer day" in Canada. That means summer and hot.

2. The bet did not include the boss getting to determine the day the race should take place.

3. The story never mentions that 6 months pass before the race takes place. The impression is that perhaps days or weeks pass.

If the boss chose a date in February for the race, the employee should have asked for a date in a week's time instead.

The story should have done one of two things:
Either state clearly that the boss gets to choose the date of the race- any day of the year...
State that the boss selected a date some months in the future (and that perhaps that was bewildering to the employee).

Sorry... don't want to be negative because I appreciate the effort, but I felt this wasn't a valid mystery.

Love all the other mysteries you've written! (At least those I've read!)

Nov 30, 2007

It never said the date! How were we supposed to get that one?
Dec 06, 2007

not sure what the problem is, the teaser clearly states that the date was announced, implying that it would not take place that same day.... i liked it
Sep 01, 2008

The reaction of Bob when the date was announced gave away the answer. It was clear he knew he was in trouble as soon as the date was announced. The next thing was that Mr Od-1 walked back, which gave me the idea that he might have walked across the lake (even if it does not have to be: he could have walked around it, or canoed back and walked the last bit to the club house). Only at the very end I noticed the location (here in Holland we don't see many frozen lakes these last decades).

In general I liked it though it was quite easy.
Nov 10, 2008

I think there can be other answers like he and bob can have a race down a river with some slopes so it is going to be hard for a boat to do it as everyone know about canoning sports
Nov 13, 2009

great riddle! keep em' comin'!
Jan 22, 2015

The only thing that confuses me about this riddle is...what kind of name is Od-1?

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