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Duffus & The Snack Game 2

Mystery teasers are little stories where you need to figure out what happened based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#17264
Fun:**** (3.16)
Difficulty:** (1.76)
Submitted By:od-1Aca****
Corrected By:Winner4600




Duffus loved potato chips almost as much as he loved his tea. The problem was when he had large family gatherings, all the kids would devour his snacks before he could. His marble game worked for a while, but his trick was soon found out. So, Duffus came up with another way to keep the snacks for himself and yet make it seem as though he wasn't the greedy snack hog he was. Duffus took two large bowls, one wood and one plastic, and placed them up high so that the kids couldn't see the contents.

He then said, "One is full and the other is empty. You get whatever is in the bowl you pick. You can pick only once, but you must decipher my clues and explain to me which bowl you think has the chips and why. And no random guessing allowed."

He then gave them these clues:

1. The polyester shirt I'm wearing.
2. A cotton shirt in my closet.
3. A hollow cardboard toilet paper roll.
4. This plastic cup I'm drinking my tea from.
5. The acrylic socks I'm wearing.
6. An empty paper lunch bag.

What do the clues have in common with each other and the bowls?

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Apr 07, 2004

Love this one OD-1
Apr 07, 2004

wow. i conflused! i started to get this, but couldn't follow thru. nice one!
Apr 07, 2004

Great teaser! But the hint kind of gave it away.
Apr 09, 2004

Hmmm, frog, isn't the hint supposed to kinda do that? Good teaser.
(user deleted)
May 05, 2004

Never woulda guessed.
Jun 04, 2004

I actually got this one fairly quickly. I am surprised at myself!
Jun 22, 2004

Good But the hint makes it too easy
Jan 09, 2005

this was a really good one. easy tho but i enjoyed it.
Jan 23, 2005

Very good teaser. It was really easy. Duffus\'s clues were very helpful and easy to figure out. Keep up the good teasers.
Jan 28, 2005

That was a fun one
Mar 04, 2005

Got me! I didn't read carefully enough.
May 19, 2005

Wow...Duffus is greedy, isn't he? Why didn't he just portion the snacks so everyone got some?
May 26, 2005

the hint gave it away

good riddle tho
May 26, 2005

the hint gave it away

good riddle tho
Jun 01, 2005

i got that the clues were natural things/artificial things, and matched the bowls, but i couldn't work out which had the chips and which didn't (at least until i read the hint) - i kept trying to find a pattern.
good work
Jun 23, 2005

was way off. had to use the hint to get it but it was fun anywayz
Sep 25, 2005

I got this one right away---really good teaser though!
Sep 28, 2005

I want a 100,000,000,000,000,000
Nov 14, 2005

hmmm I had the full and empty but didn't put the fabrics together, silly me
May 26, 2006

Cleaver teaser. Fun to solve.
May 31, 2006

clever, clever. clever. ooh! just got an urge for chips. thanks
Oct 25, 2006

fun teaser, Duffus reminds me of my uncle. that greedy coot.
Sep 12, 2007

Easy but oh so fun!

Great teaser!

For those that feel the hints are too easy... DON'T READ THEM.
I don't. Too much like cheating!
Jun 26, 2008

Do I look like I guessed this? SourDough says no!

Nov 27, 2008

Jun 05, 2009

i got it...some little research...

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