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The Poison of Dragons

Trivia brain teasers have some element of trivia in them, but they are not just pure trivia questions.


Puzzle ID:#17511
Fun:*** (2.78)
Difficulty:*** (2.94)
Submitted By:Rowsdower****




Most of these men were kings, most are mentioned in the Bible, and a few of them were even prophets. Six of them, however, share a special relationship. What do six of these names have in common?


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Apr 30, 2004

To poison and cheese
Apr 30, 2004

i had a teacher who is very religious try to answer this... she never got the answer
(user deleted)
May 01, 2004

Fun teaser, but I never would have gotten that! I guess that's why it's under 'Trivia.'
(user deleted)
May 01, 2004

Clever, Rows! Are you paying visits 'to the vine' for inspiration?
May 01, 2004

That was such an awesome teaser! Very orignal I might add!
May 02, 2004

I return your toast, Griphook! And thanks for all of your kind comments, I'm glad you like it.
This teaser was inspired by one of Mad-Ade's works of art.
(user deleted)
May 04, 2004

I'm with Griphook.
May 07, 2004

Nice one. I don't get the title. I did get the answer because I recognised 4 of them but I didn't know that the Balthazar and the Malachi were bottles.
May 16, 2004

i thought this teaser was fun. it was hard though. great job! keep up the good work.
Jul 23, 2004

Which of Mad-Ade's inspired you? L'Chaim! (To life) Cheers
Aug 18, 2004

extremely, extremely difficult. you'd definitely have to be a christian (or perhaps jewish) to be able to get this right. I only know a tad bit of the christian religion. and i don't even know what this was talking about either.
Sep 26, 2004

No, you just have to be a heavy drinker. Read the answer before posting next time, thx.

Also, six of them have "M's" in their names
Sep 27, 2004

Cannot understand why people found this so hard !! That said it is a Great teaser
Oct 04, 2004

Thanks for all of your comments (hic) and I don't think that (hic) you half to be (hic) Kwistian or a hebby dwinker to get this one (hic), but it is under twibia for a weason (hic...thud.)
Nov 22, 2004

Just one problem... there is one size larger than the Nebuchadnezzer - it's the Melchior, who also appears in the Bible
Dec 23, 2004

Guess I gotta check out the wine cellar more carefully! Tough one for me.
Jan 21, 2005

Right, being Christian has nothing to do with it. In fact, a good Christian would be unlikely as to have a clue about this one. I sure didn\'t. Even after the hint I had no idea. Probably because I\'ve never drunk alcohol in my life. But it was a good teaser. Very challenging.
Jan 22, 2005

i agree this was a hard one,the title was no help.being poor white trash i had no clues on champagne bottle sizes.learned something new.
Jun 15, 2005

i was going with trying to work out which ones had been betrayed, but have no idea about the bible so didn't get very far...
Oct 01, 2005

Original, creative and clever! Keep them coming.
Nov 17, 2005

Nice teaser. I picked out the strange looking names, because I thought those might be it, and I got four of them! Good job, really interesting.
Oct 05, 2015

Funny, I guessed all of them except for the m one. By their last three letters

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