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Petals Around the Rose

Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


Puzzle ID:#17851
Fun:*** (2.59)
Difficulty:*** (3.02)
Submitted By:hersheykiss8908***




You roll five dice. The computer calculates the score. Your job is to find out what the computer based the score on.

If you roll 5, 4, 6, 3, and 5, the score is 10.

If you roll 1, 3, 3, 4, and 2, the score is 4.

If you roll 1, 6, 2, 6, and 4,the score is 0.

What is the method?

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Jun 07, 2004

Very old. I saw that one 20 years ago.
Jun 07, 2004

Very old. I saw that one 20 years ago.
Jun 07, 2004

Thank you for that. My friend kept showing me that game, but never told me the answer.
Jun 08, 2004


that was a good one...keep up the good job
Jun 14, 2004

holy crap...that one was awesome!!!!
Jun 14, 2004

here is one of the many online versions (this one is javascript, but there are also flash/shockwave versions out there):
Jun 27, 2004

good one
Jul 08, 2004

There are many other solutions possible, though not as simple nor related to the name of the teaser. For example:
if a, b, c. d, and e are the 5 rolls of the die:
the answer is:
(38/12)a + b + c + (5/12)d - (41/12)e
Dec 06, 2004

Cute! Near impossible without the hint though!
Jan 10, 2005

This is an old and famous puzzle... here are some more interesting info:

Instead of "how many petals around the rose", a commonly used hint is: "how many polar bears around the water hole? like petals around a rose, count each bear's nose".

Also, once you have solved the puzzle you are automatically made a memer of the polar bear club, and in doing so you swear and oath never to reveal the answer to anyone who hasn't figured it out themselves.

Despite its apparent logical construction, this puzzle appeals to the creative parts of the brain. Small children and the like usually solve it much quicker than adults, for instance.
Jan 13, 2005

that was...........easy?
Feb 23, 2005

needed the hint to solve this one. Thanks.
Mar 08, 2005

I read the title before the hint and got it...i wish i hadn't and had figured it out by myself but oh well
Apr 17, 2005

I first saw this one as a flash version, got the answer right in a couple of seconds, although I think it's easier when you got the image the dices. Not sure about that though

Nice puzzle to tease your friends with
Apr 17, 2005

Ive seen this b4 so it was no problem but it is much easier if u can c the dice also i heard it as a 2-part riddle:
How many polar Bears are around the ice hole(polar bears are outers and inner is ice hole)or in the time of ghengis khan petrals around a rose
nevertheless it ttok me a week 2 get teh first time
Apr 29, 2005

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May 22, 2005


Jul 19, 2005


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